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How To Install Mods On Epic Games Launcher?

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I've been searching for days in the web for an answer. But nothing works. I want to install the German Translation mod but don't have the Klei folder in documents (I'm on Windows 11 if that changes anything). Can someone please help me?

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27 minutes ago, Dounat said:

I've been searching for days in the web for an answer. But nothing works. I want to install the German Translation mod but don't have the Klei folder in documents (I'm on Windows 11 if that changes anything). Can someone please help me?

what you mean you not have Klei folder? how he makes saves then?


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Hello @Dounat, welcome to the forums.

One thing to keep in mind with new windows OS installations, is that the Documents folder is placed inside OneDrive by default. If you can, try and disabling it and see if the game is able to recognize your auto generated modoverride.lua file changes (which is saved in the documents folder when you ENABLE a mod in the in-game mod menu). There is also possibly permissions issue. Are you playing DST on the Administrator account of your Windows 11? If you aren't, you should try and get on the administator account or give your current logged in account administrator level access.

Klei folder in the Documents folder only holds save settings (world saves, game settings). It can also store the modoverride.lua file PER server BUT this is not where the mods are. The modoverride.lua file is only a settings file for the mods installed. The actual mods file go into a different folder, see below. 

Initially wrote a method for steam, but realized you were talking about epic games launcher.

I do not use epic games but as far as I know the mods should be placed inside the mods folder in the root folder of the DST game. Below is how it looks:


On epic games, people have suggested the following to get to the root folder of DST:

  • Start DST
  • Open Task Manager
  • Right click dontstarve_steam_x64
  • Click open file location
  • File explorer SHOULD now open and show a folder with "dontstarve_steam_x64.exe"


  • Now while in this folder, press Alt + UP
  • You should now see the folder "mods", click/open it
  • Copy over the mod files you had before.
  • If your german translation mod folder has numbers for example "workshop-880105914", then rename folder without the numbers. People have said that if you don't do this, the folder will be deleted on start up.
  • Close DST and open again
  • Check mods section in game.

Aside from those things, if issues still continues. Send a bug report to the bug tracker (Create New Bug - Klei Entertainment Forums) with your log files:


Don't Starve Together Log File (client_log.txt)

If you notice a critical error when playing Don't Starve together, close the game (to ensure that the log file gets fully written) and go into your Documents folder at Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\ and find "client_log.txt". Include the content of that file in your bug report.


If you are playing on Steam, it may be helpful to provide us with your .mdmp file. It should be located in your Steam folders at: Steam > SteamApps > Common > Don't Starve Together Beta > bin > .mdmp


In order to get a DXDiag on Windows:
- Click on your Start button
- Press the Windows key + R on your keyboard to access the "Run" window
- On the new window, type in dxdiag.exe and press enter; this will open up the DirectX diagnostic tool
- Click on the "Save All Information" tab on the diagnostic tool
- A "Save As..." window will pop up where you can click on save. It will save your hardware information as a document to your desktop (default).
- Close the diagnostic tool and attach the new document to your forum post or support ticket.

I hope that helps, cheers.

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@Dounat Oh terribly sorry. I was in the process of replying to others in DST while I was making that reply. In any case, with Oxygen Not Included the mods folder SHOULD be in the following location for steam:

Documents > Klei > OxygenNotIncluded > mods > Steam > #### > modfiles

Wherein #### = is the corresponding mod id on steam workshop seen in the url page of the mod. I'm not sure if Epic Games would utilize Epic Games instead of "Steam > Mod ID". So first go check your documents folder if you have the corresponding OxygenNotIncluded folder under Klei there. If you do, copying over the mod files into the mod folder SHOULD technically work. 

Sorry for the misinformation.

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41 minutes ago, Dounat said:

It's literally nowhere because it isn’t in OneDrive what I disabled and not in C:\Users\Username\Documents . I don’t understand anything.

im out off clues because i to have also windows 11 and game is from Epic store, only difference is that you pc seems have with German translate.

maybe somewhere inside AppData folder

when you play game does your cloud save is enabled ? try disable that and look if folder activates



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52 minutes ago, Dounat said:

If I reinstall the game, is the data in the cloud? I think I just installed it into the wrong folder.

I don't know how it works with Epic but with Steam if you have a cloud save then it will get uploaded to the cloud when you exit the game.

If the Klei/OxygenNotIncluded folders don't exist under your Documents I think you can just create it and it would work. Maybe check your Epic install folder to see if these folders are there as well?

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