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  1. Tried beeta keeping for the first time yesterday
  2. DnD night in the colony. @HotChocolate's dupe, @minespatch's Grim, @DragonMage156's dupe, and @mewthemew's Baldo
  3. Yes, click on the sweepy, and in the top of the menu there should be a renaming box
  4. I am now compulsively going through all 94 pages of dupe-a-day and liking it I don't have a problem. Nope. Not at all
  5. Stuffing in all the art I put on dupe-a-day Also, I don't know why, my style changes from day to day so yeah...
  6. Stealingthat.jpeg Also more art on the art pile (finally got art style I'm happy with)
  7. While going for a mushbar snack, my dupesona spots a unattended hat. Feel free to end it how you like
  8. I built a small system that turns logic to liquid to be stored in pipes and vice versa This is the writer, just needs a logic input (there is one empty port in the top AND gates for this)
  9. Just dusting off the cobwebs so the thread doesn't get shut