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A tiny adition to wicker i think could be cool, the book bag

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Wicker can craft the Book bag.

An item that can be stored in her inventory and equiped in the hand slot, wicker can fit up to 5 books (and only books) inside the bag that will restore durability over time like in the bookshelve, when the book bag is equiped it displays its inventory, similar to the celestial crown which show the slots vertically. Maxwell cant open or use the bag.

Some of wicker books are very usefull but dont tend to be used as sacrificing one inventory slots and having to get another one after 2-4 uses of the book results not being worth doing it.

However if wicker could have 5 books that can be used at every moment, with the little cooldown having to wait for them to restore durability of course, lots of the unsed books will be much more usefull.

I would always carry a pyrotechnics explain as it will make an amazing panic button for fire.

Overcoming arachnophobia is quite handy for dealing with hordes of mobs.

you could also make the absolute enviromental control combo with 3 lunar grimores and 2 practical rain rituals.

Having a bookbag prepared specifically for food farming with silvyculture, horticulture, fish book etc.

As final little thing about this concept, i think it will just be very cute if wicker had a Mary Poppins style of bag that worked like the box of pandora releasing unnatural magic powrs all around.

mary-poppins-carpet-bag | VoVatia

Live footage of wickerbottom teachig botany to webber and wendy.

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What if i tell you it already exist? After all book is crafted, Maxwellbottom can put books in shadow dimentions, then ask friends at home to put book back to bookcase. He now can ask his friend to deliver him any other book and read them on the go while travel.

Also will book bag be better than normal backpack? Wicker can put 8 books there, instead of 5 books in book bags, and when she red it close to being destroyed, she can just switch book that already in bookcase. After addition of monkey tail, books are not that hard to craft.

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3 hours ago, Malfario said:

i dont know if you did this for this specific post or you already drawn it and wanted to share it but let me tell you you made my day better, love the drawing

Was a response to the unimplemented teacher skin she had I drew years ago. So no plant related stoof unfortunately.

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