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[Game Update] - Hot Shots 535720 & 535842

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Well updates and new fun stuff is good. But how about fixing and fine tuning what already is. For example buggy pathfinding when dupes go through atmosuit checkpoints without atmosuits. Or infamous cartographic module which by description should reveal adjacent tiles, but reveals only one in which it is. Or further more balancing with building materials. I mean with metals is all good, we have +50, +200 and +500 overheating temperature, also 20 and 50% plus on decor, while with minerals we only have +15 and +200, and only +10 and +20% decor, while this could be enough, it feels kind of unbalanced, and for that it's is possible just to alter existing materials, or making others materials like refined carbon be used for buildings. I very hope so for future updates more focusing on consistency and balance instead of beauty and fun.

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@WhiteWind36I would love to be in your hot tub :adoration:

The atmosuit issue was mentioned to Klei over several years...Best is to build suit (row of) station(s) in a way, so that the dupes can only go through 1 (row of) station(s) - At least that is how I build and play. You can have lots of atmosuit stations in different map places, but they need to be separated by walls.

Kind regards :beguiled:

image.thumb.png.300d1f6aa77fdcc15721e30f34199028.png image.thumb.png.c2a1803b87962ce3f8f5b06381735301.png < Separate atmosuit dock "rooms"

BTW I can play now at 30-50 FPS with my new quantum pc ( amd 7600x/ddr5 5200 ), two fully built up colonies, 60 alive dupes and no critters :lol: Map loading now takes 3 minutes, instead of 6. Cycle ~10000 ...Maybe I should clear the 20000 tons of stuff laying around up, but I like having it "real". What drops, drops :D Scrolling around is fun again, yeah ! :ghost:


Wish: If we had spreading fires in the game, then all players stuff laying around could get burned up to dioxin lumps and evaporate to dioxin gas or something. Would also make players computer faster, win-win ! Autobin ! Everything burning down to dioxin gas could perhaps be good, then players just need to vent it to space to get rid of stuff. A Crematorium ( with dioxin gas output ) would be handy, shoving it all in to burn...Sweepy to Crematorium, beep beep !

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