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Bet you didn't think an ice cube thread would happen of all things.
Anyway, i got a suggestion to make:

If anyone who has no idea what i'm about to spew out about:


The ice cube Is a hat item for summer that prevents overheating completely, it lasts for 8 days (shorter due to summer spoilage) and it doesn't melt in an icebox, it gives you 10% speed penalty (same as a piggyback) along with making you wet at an increasingly fast rate including your inv (every second it goes up by 1 wetness) but it can be replenished with ice adding additional 0.4 days of spoilage back. (takes about 20 usage of ice to replenish fully)
To craft it you need 2 doodads (For ice science?) 4 rope and 10 ice.

The ice cube hat.. it could use a buff, the recipe is expensive, the drawbacks are not worth crafting for what you get out of it but the potential is there. if we could perhaps halve the recipe down from 2 doodads, 4 rope and 10 ice to just, 2 rope and 10 ice, (and maybe 1 doodad), make it last longer for 12 days instead of 8 (especially when it's even less in summer which its supposed to be good for) and additionally double up the replenish value to 0.8 days (the reason for this change specifically is that you're better off just making another ice cube than replenish the one you have due to the amount of ice it uses to replenish). 

All of these changes will not battle between other summer gear, especially the thermal stone so i think all of these changes are quite fair. it won't make ice cube overpowered and i think we can all agree that some more variety in summer gear would be a pleasing addition. it's such a relic to RoG and hasn't been touched since it's existence it could really deserve some redemption.
Plus, look at it!
I rest my case.

TLDR: halve the ice cube recipe to 2 rope and 10 ice, (and maybe 1 doodad), let it last for 12 days instead of 8, double up the replenish ice value from 0.4 days to 0.8 days

Thank you for your time.
-an ice cube hat lover.

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As the rare user of the ice-cube hat, I think the only thing i'd really want is for it to not quite get you wet enough to make everything in your inventory wet. Thats the part that screws with me the most about the hat. I can work with the speed debuff, and the recipe/replenishing rate is a non-issue, but the subsequent constant sanity drain can prove detrimental.

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Real issues with the cube are that it increases your wetness extremely quickly, slows you down and also requires lots of ice frequently to repair. If the wetness rate was changed to maybe 1 per 20 seconds, didn't slow you down, would repair fully from 1 ice AND was also half as expensive, I think we would see more players using it, so long as they aren't playing as WX.

@Primalflower you can hold a lavae tooth to have one follow you after defeating the dragonfly, if it drops a lavae egg for you to hatch one, but even that is more trouble than its worth. Not only because you need to feed the larva as well as repair your ice cube hat, but every drawback of the ice cube being compounded by every drawback that a larva would cause for you. If the lavae dies, which it probably will, if you are doing any combat or flingo just happens to throw a snowball at it, say bye bye to this strategy.

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