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Can we get a way to craft headstone in the future?

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This is my first post and I had some ideas and suggestions for the use of new skins that came out on the new update, specially the headstone.


first one, a way to unlock a crafting recipe for the headstone using the ancient chest, as the same way you unlock the relics blueprints. in that way we can use it as decoration and change the skins.


Another idea, is add new skins and interactions for the relics, like putting things on the table and sitting on the chairs, using the same animations for the seaworthy and skyworthy from DS (just the sitting and leg swinging animations).


The last one, is add the option for choose skins for thigs like Sink Holes, Obelisk and Touch Stone, as the same way like the curios for starting ítems but divaded in two forms, one for the world items and the other one for characters, in this way we can start a new game using the skins we like or prefer, and one option to this feature is enable it just for the host of the world, until someone use a clean sweeper for change the host´s skins.


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I think it would be cool if we could just craft them from the Stone Craving Cartographers table- we can carve a highly detailed boss statue, but yet we can’t make a few simple headstones?

just pick them up, carry them where you want to place them and drop them, same as A Boss Statue, in Addition… The Fencing Post skin once you drop the stone could “Flip” the angle it sits at Aka: Straight up and perfectly installed, leaning to the left or right, sideways, or Backwards.

Not every tombstone in the actual game can be dug up for “Looting purposes” so player made tombstones would be roughly the same, graves you can’t loot. And moving them would be like carrying a bosses statue.

It’s simple, it’s easy, and it allows even a casual player to enjoy building with tombstones without needing to lock them behind some obscure part of the game like ruins recipe combinations.

If Klei wants to give it any gameplay purpose beyond that- maybe a Wendy Player can find Lost Pipspook and bring them to the newly crafted Gravestones as a new spawning location for the little spook.

Similar to how you roam the entire map during year of the Catcoon to find biome specific Kitcoon and then bring them home to their new Den.

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Yes, yes, yes to everything in OP. I do think similar to the ancient chest recipes, these would be "imitation headstones" or "replica headstones" or some other label that distinguishes it from a World gen headstone. the player-crafted ones not actually having any ghostly affiliations. (I mean summoning ghosts on full moons, yielding grave loot, and not spawning pipspooks) This way it can't be overused during full moon nights to slaughter everything in sight. (or maybe if game devs want this, go for it. would make for interesting farms i suppose, my instinct is no tho)

I'd also love for a way to destroy dug graves in the world, sometimes they really are in the way of base building when I want to be set up in the moonstone forest.

Also also, similar vein- would it be crazy to add obelisks to crafts since they also have skins now? maybe they'd be a pseudo station structure craft so the player would need to return each time they craft one- limiting it's ability to bog down a world. It has potential to lead to player security in a way too, designs that stop a new player from merely entering an area that you're protecting. Could also be cool on its own, aesthetically.

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Why are people so obsessed with unlocking stuff through ruins? Why would it be exactly locked behind ruins? Most sense would make being able to craft them near the scuplting table and then use shovel on the carryable object to burry it so it turns into tombstone.

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4 hours ago, Wonz said:

Why are people so obsessed with unlocking stuff through ruins? Why would it be exactly locked behind ruins? Most sense would make being able to craft them near the scuplting table and then use shovel on the carryable object to burry it so it turns into tombstone.

At least for the Tombstones and Obelisks the way I see it; there are graves that can spawn underground and in the area where you fight the ancient guardian within the ruins, and the obelisks fit in since they're an "ancient" object of sorts that exist in the atrium, as well as being associated with shadow magic.

Makes sense to me to get them from the Ancient Chest at the completed Ancient Pseudoscience Station set piece.
Plus, if we're saying they'd be replicas of the existing variants from the chest, they probably wouldn't work the same as the naturally spawning variants.
Maybe the Replica Gravestones can be written on or something and not spawn ghosts and pipspooks, while the Replica Obelisks could have a "Risen" and "Lowered" variant purely for decoration without collision like they did with the graves a few updates ago.

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On 10/27/2022 at 10:26 AM, Dragonboooorn said:

Craftable pig/merm heads on a stick when?

Also, am I the only one who really wants ancient kiln as a crockpot skin?

Are you... me?

I've wanted craftable pig/merm heads on sticks for ages now. 

I really want the ancient kiln as a skin too or even as an upgraded version of the crock pot. 

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