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  1. You can turn off rain in the world so snow doesn't fall and cover the ground, learned this recently.
  2. The game just crashes when I try to load up my world
  3. I already miss the old stats, 75 for each is just way too low.
  4. I just figure they were done porting over characters because we already have two reps in dst for the two DLC's Warly for Shipwrecked and Wormwood for Hamlet. Wagstaff is the only odd one out since he was added in base game, maybe that means his chances are higher than the DLC characters if any?
  5. While playing the other day my friend was glad he could turn off spider queens in the settings, we both figured this meant that they would stop spawning from tier three dens and the den would remain tier three until it was destroyed, but after a while they each began turning into spider queens one after the other this time not leaving behind their dens after they were set to none. This isn't supposed to happen right?