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  1. Ever since the crafting UI update I find that I can't do repeated actions anymore like cooking and eating, I've tried opening and closing the menu, the map, my inventory, but none of it works, so what was it changed to? Am I missing something?
  2. Anyone know how to unravel the timeless/loyal skins duplicates? Or have they not implemented that feature yet?
  3. Does this mean spools from each merged account will combine as well?
  4. I personally wouldn't mind if some of the non-reworked characters got another look into them, maybe not a full on rework but some minor things to make them more fun, engaging, or unique. At the top of my list is Wurt with all her numerous little issues and potential and second is Walter who could stand to have a tweak or two thrown his way to make him more enjoyable. Winona would be above Walter if she wasn't already reworked, she also has alot of potential but as it stands she'll only ever be the catapult gal for me. Which is a shame since this was solidified even more after JoeW confirmed that she'll get some love later on but not in terms of a tweak or refresh but in terms of lore.
  5. Do Mossy Vines from above average tree trunks regrow after they've been burned?
  6. Did they change the way fire spreads to other things? Tried to do the Toadstool Flingomatic cheese and the dwarf stars just didn't spread to the flowers like they used to a while back.
  7. What's that website that tracks the number of played characters and the amount of players in a region?
  8. I really like using skins that match the seasons I playthrough. (Wish I had one for Autumn...)
  9. The game just crashes when I try to load up my world
  10. I already miss the old stats, 75 for each is just way too low.