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Colony Diary: Project Azathoth

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Greetings shareholders, clients, employee's and members of the unwashed masses alike,

To provide increased transparency, understanding and synergy, and definitely not because it was mandated two days ago by new duplicant welfare legislation, Gravitas is proud to announce the Periodic Colony Report Initiative. In this info-sphere we will provide periodic updates on our newest duplicant colony, FRST-C-409837805-0L73-0.

Facility '73-0 utilizes the 'Project Azathoth' template, an asymmetrical, organic architectural style designed for expansion and adaptability. We encourage you not to examine the floorplan too closely, as comprehension of it's geometry has been found in our employee's to be positively correlated with incoherent gibbering madness.



Project Azathoth begins, as all colonies do, with the reactivation of a dormant printing pod and the production of three duplicants. Yes, I am using the trait selection mod. I wanted good dupes for this one and have better things to do with my time than rerolling.



The starting duplicants are:

Lindsay: Heavily specialized digger.

Ruby: Heavily specialized researcher.

Ellie: Mechatronics engineer and jack of all trades builder.

Of these, Lindsay will be valuable for early base building, while Ellie will be almost certainly be our long term MVP. What she lacks in talent she more than makes up for in motivation. The colony was renamed sometime later, when I decided on a more interesting architectural style than "symmetrical balls again".


Cycle 1





By cycle 2 we had the toilets and cots up. The plan is simple: research farms and expand into the forest region as rapidly as possible for hexalants and buried objects. Ravenous dupes require a whopping 10 mealwood each. Oxygen generation can wait.

(Edit) The tiles mod I am using is called "True Tiles". Basically a textured version of material colors. It's really good: this forest start looks dramatically different from a sandstone start because of it.

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Cycle 5

By this stage, we are solidly established with a great hall, an oxyfern pit, and a Turner. The farm's not quite finished, but it's coming along. A bit close to my supercomputer, but I want the free light. I'll move the computer later.



I save-scummed a little to get Turner, for a very simple reason: the 4th duplicant had to be a rancher. Due to being printed with a skill point, Dupe 4 upskills faster than the starting three. With Turner's help, we can get to ranching as early as Cycle 12.

You might notice that I've left some natural tiles alongside the ladder shafts. Thanks to pip planting, these will allow me to turn the shaft into a nature reserve and gain an extra 6 morale points for free.

Oxyferns means I have to be careful with my digging. Oxylite can only fill so much space, and even a small Co2 pit outside of the oxyfern valley represents a major loss of air pressure. Until I get rust or electrolysis, I am limited.


Cycle 12

Sure enough, Turner obtains the Critter Ranching skill just as the first hatch ranch is completed.


Unfortunately, without any sandstone or sedimentary rock, all I've got to feed them is dirt. That will cause them to evolve into sage hatches and slow down the production of normal and stone hatches, but I don't really have much choice.

We've also got a kitchen and a rock crusher in place. Ellie is slacking off on installing the last layer of the farm, but we've got plenty of calories to spare right now and three of four platforms up and running, so it assuredly won't be a problem. This is definitely not a setup for a Gilligan Cut.


Map Overview: Cycle 12


Not too much to comment on here, but the Uranium geode is a lucky break.

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Cycle 24

And now we're out of food.


Why?! Why did I think it was necessary or even vaguely worthwhile to micromanage the heating and pip-planting of a wild arbour tree farm? Why did I think washrooms were a priority? Why am I so bad at this game?

Am I going to have to feed my duplicants mush fry? I hope not. I hate mush fry.

But on the subject of the washroom, it's a good idea to always build a notifier into yours. When (not if) I accidentally break the piping, run out of sand or are unable to power the sieve, it will tell me before the pisspocalypse begins.

It works by checking that the clean water pipe is always backed up at least as far as the sensor, and that the polluted water pipe is never full enough to be backed up.



Cycle 32

Calories continue to be low, so of course I chose this moment to bring on two new duplicants: Stinky to cook the mush fry, and Mae to operate the machine that powers the machine that makes the mush fry. God I hate mush fry so much.


That's fine, though. We've got 2.5 ranches now, and are farming a new crop. I swiped some wild sweetles and grubfruit seeds from a small sulfur desert off to the east, past the supply teleporter, so now we've got that. Feels weird harvesting grubfruit and mealwood at the same time, but needs must.

Sure enough, the hatches laid a bunch of sage hatch eggs. I'm feeding them sedimentary rock now (found a bit around the supply teleporter), but we'll have to subsist on plants for a while yet.

The first bit of architecture is sketched out: a granite shell for the base. The starting point for this base will be a sphere, so I'm just getting the size right now.

And now we're out of water. Curse you mush fry!

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I did a Folia Cluster start myself on my current playthrough and I have found it to be relaxing.  Ranching Pips with wild Arbors makes food free.  It gets even better when you get Cuddle Pips and you can fit 24(!) Cuddle Pips in 1 ranch.

It almost looks like you're already preparing to do that with your Pip stable.  9 trees and 4 incubators in a 32x3 ranch work amazing and you can feed up to 7 dupes on Barbecue from 1 Cuddle Pip ranch. (By my dubious calculations anyway.)

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Cycle 40

Calories have been stabilized, somehow, but I'm keeping an eye on them. But we've got a new problem now.


I got a fungal spore from the printing pod, so I set up a small Co2 pit for dusk caps while simultaniously digging out the roof, completely forgetting that I was relying solely on oxyferns. So now I need even more oxygen than before and I've trapped a large percentage of it in the mushroom pit.

Nobody's about to suffocate any time soon, but low oxygen pressure is a problem on the hardest stress settings. In case you don't know what that means: since difficulty-based stress gain is 20%, and the highest morale stress relief is 20%, duplicants do not passively reduce stress. The only way to reduce any amount of accumulated stress is minor buffs like appreciated, pleasant chit-chat and sleeping. Therefore, stressors like low pressure and soggy feet are a lot more significant. 

This is why I play on hardest, by the way. Not for the challenge, but because it makes you pay attention to and appreciate mechanics you wouldn't even notice on an easier difficulty setting.

So harnessing the steam geyser and getting the electrolyzer up and running is the only priority right now.

I also finished the ranches for stone hatches (left), drecko breeding (top left) and pips (top right) and am throwing eggs into an ugly little placeholder hatchery (right of the hatch farm). Well, when I say finished... there's still some arbour tree planting to micromanage.

... okay, fine, I give up. Am officially installing the Simpler Pip Planting mod.


 Cycle 50

The metal refinery is built, and that gives Mae something better to do. She is pumping out a reasonable supply of aluminium and iron.


We have a tiny amount egg shells, but Lime is one of the resources that is waiting on a trip to the next asteroid. (The other three being Oil, Bristle Blossoms, Waterweed and Thimble Reed).

Also, construction on the shell has started.


Cycle 65

Finally dug out the bottom of the base, freeing up some space for an aquatuner-turbine (when we get enough steel), another ranch and TBA.


We've built most of the shell, but there are some parts we can't get to. I'm not certain what to do with the ethanol pool on the left: we have an excess of hydrogen power just from the electrolyzers and I definitely don't need more Co2 right now. And the steam geyser is just plain difficult to work with. I've installed a ton of triage cots because I am about to dunk my duplicants in scalding water and I want to keep them alive so they can continue to suffer.

Uh, I mean... [sidelong glance at the duplicant welfare officer assigned to this case]... I have instituted universal health care out of concern and empathy for my duplicants. 

I suppose I could make exosuits, but I made a mistake. The drecko's have already been eating mealwood for a few cycles and are mainly laying glossy eggs. I have precious little reed fiber at the moment and unless I add a second drecko farm (which in addition to the space will require a fair bit of water, and need to be airtight to keep the chorine in), I'm not likely to get much more of it...

Final note: I've added a hatchery and slaughterhouse next to the kitchen. It pickles all our meat in brine, because of course it does. Damn it Stinky.



Oh, I've also brought on two new duplicants. We'll be running with this 8-person crew for a while, so I'll introduce everyone once again to our valued organic resources employee's:


We don't believe in pitting our employee's against one another here at Gravitas, which is why the following list is ordered almost chronologically and definitely not in order of favoritism. That said, Ellie is the best dupe here and they should all try to be more like Ellie.

Ellie: Construction all-rounder. The de-facto leader of the team. Insufferably chipper.

Lindsay: Really fast digger, and the bases second-in-command. I like to think of Lindsays as being relatively expressionless.

Ruby: One person research team. She's about to go on a break, since we're out of water and have gotten all the essential research done.

Turner: Rancher and farmer. He also needs to harvest the mealwood occasionally, by which I mean all the damn time, mealwood is terrible.

Mae: Machine Operator. She's feeling underappreciated right now, but will gradually become more valuable as we install more industrial equipment.

Ren (New): Farmer, brought on to relieve Turner of the mealwood harvesting now that he's dedicating more of his time to ranching.

Nisbet (New): Janitor. Someone's gotta. (I actually like Nisbets, but this one doesn't do much except mop up spills and complain)

Stinky: Mush Fry Maker. I suppose it could be worse. Could be a Meep. At least this one occasionally dabbles in cooking things that are edible.

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Cycle 75

Continued development. The insulation is in, where it can be fit.


I'll admit I'm tip-toeing around certain area's that I don't want to disturb, like the slime mold in the bottom right and the ethanol pool on the left. I've decided to at least not fill the bottom with a horrendous slurry of liquids this time.

Have started selectively breeding shine bugs. We already had a large population of wild sun morphs, and we're just starting to see our first royals. I'm dumping the unneeded bug eggs out into the base to provide mobile decor and light.

All the ranches, with the exception of the bugs, now have auto-sweepers to send their eggs to the hatchery.


Cycle 80

I'm beginning an outward push.


I finally harvested that uranium geode and connected the base to the three teleporter PoI's. Also uncovered a neural vacillator. Ellie is hyped to get scrambled, but she's hyped about everything anyway.


Cycle 85

Planning done, and you can start to see the where I'm heading with this. Might need to click on the image to see the outlines. Circles everywhere, randomly sized and organically placed to reach out towards points of interest like a living, growing... thing.


If it looks underwhelming, don't worry, I haven't added the tentacles yet.

Ellie got her gene's scambled and came out with the Sunny Disposition trait, which is frankly terrifying.

In the meanwhile, I've been filling up the space at the bottom. We've now got materials science (As I said, I finally harvested that uranium geode), a slightly more permanent Dusk Cap farm (finally killed that slime mold), and I'm setting up a carbon skimmer and a gas scavenging line. For the moment, it's only task will be to store chlorine in a reservoir to mitigate the eye irritation debuffs.

I'm also building a sleet wheat farm under the arbour tree's. I'd *like* to switch to frost buns and stop making meal-lice, but I am already regretting placing it inside the base instead of just expanding into the cold biome.

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Cycle 100!

We survived 100 days! What would be an appropriate way to celebrate this momentous milestone?


Yeeaaaahh... ranching shine bugs with radiation difficulty set to maximum might be a little bit more complex than I had budgeted for. And throwing all the spares out into the base means basically the entire bottom half of the base is flooded with radiation. Dang it. Gonna have to do a cull.

On the bright side, we've got our first coral bug egg now.

Additionally we've pierced three new vents: one cool steam and two hydrogens. So, more hot water and power. Exactly the things we already have in abundance.

I'm cooling down the sleet wheat farm with ice tempshift plates, a strategy that is totally sustainable and will definitely not ruin everyone's stress and annoy the heck out of me I'm sure, as well as installing another electrolyzer. The oxyferns just aren't cutting it anymore, and I'm out of room-temperature water to feed them.


I really should get off mealwood once and for all and start adding sweepers and agricultural stations to the farms, but that will have to wait. I decided that I would send Ellie through to asteroid 2 just as soon as cycle 100 came around!

And then everyone started pukeing from radiation poisoning and I forgot to build the skill-scrubber in time. Soooo... 


Cycle 102

Once that was handled I skill-scrubbed Ellie and sent her through and...


... wait a second, what did I just write? Did... did I just scrub my mechatronics engineer?

Oh god. Oh god I did. And now I've gotta fill out the prerequisites to get it back. And hovering over it now... I might have permanently lost the 3-point morale bonus?

[frantic googling]

Okay, no, looks like that's a display bug. Even so, this is all... rather unfortunate. Dang.


... oh, right, the frozen dupe.


Welcome to room temperature, Pei. Let's see... suit wearing, ranching and allergies. What a combination! I SCRUBBED ELLIE FOR THIS!


And her allergies mean she can't even farm the blossoms here to survive. It's going to be mealwood all over again.

Well, at least there's another neural vacillator here. Ellie will be OP again, mark my words.

I also need to activate the supply teleporters. Will need to dig around that massive slime mold in the way to prevent a slimelung outbreak.

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Cycle 110

Azathoth base extends it's tentacles into the new asteroid, known as Persepholin.


Ellie now has Sunny Disposition and Deep Diver's lungs, the latter trait being one I had never appreciated (who cares about the cost of a single duplicants oxygen?) until someone informed me that it means they can spend longer working in unbreathable environments without needing to go and take a breath.

I'm starting to have doubts about the whole "organic base design" concept: asymmetry is turning out to be much more difficult than expected and I feel like I'm not building big enough for the curves to work properly. Hopefully it'll look better once I clear out the natural tiles and thicken the lines with insulation.


Cycle 120

Back at Verdana, I screwed up.


I pierced that hydrogen vent to the right, exposing the emitter tile, and now my base is filling with hydrogen. I am going to have to set up a scavenging line at some point.


I also got sick of trying to keep the sleet wheat farm cool with imported ice and hooked it up to the nearby AETN with a hydrogen radiator.

I'm also building a normal drecko ranch in the top left. I don't expect to have access to thimble reed any time soon, and with rapidly degrading atmosuit durability, I'm going to need the fibre. It's also as good a use as any for that ethanol pool. I don't have slicksters or any need for non-hydrogen based power, so there's no real point in burning it right now.


Cycle 130

Persepholin is coming together. Have got the basics up and running and pierced the oil biome right next to the supply teleporter. Verdana will be recieving it's first shipments of fossil and lead soon enough. 


I also managed to get a nature reserve on the main ladder, so morale should be nice and high here.


Cycle 150

Lindsay's done a fair bit of digging over here.


I plan to set up an industrial zone here, right next to the supply teleporter so that we can process the oil as soon as it arrives. I've also nearly finished the drecko farm to the north, and replaced our horrible mealwood farm with a slightly less horrible bristle berry farm, lit by some of our spare shine bugs. We're up to a full ranch of coral bugs now, and I'm awaiting our first azure egg.


Meanwhile, on Persepholin, I've set up what will eventually become a wild lettuce farm. There's a pip egg in each room and a waterweed seed in each storage container. The Simple Pip Planting mod makes this so much less painful.


It'll take many, many cycles to start this farm up, but that's fine: lettuce doesn't provide many calories raw anyway. It's value is as an ingredient in complex recipes, and it'll take me a while yet to get access to natural gas for the gas range. I don't have any natural gas geysers, so my only option there is to get oil refinement up and running for the natural gas byproducts.

We've reached 15 duplicants across both asteroids. At this point we have 5 in the builder/digger category (Ellie, Lindsay, Liam, Catalina and Jean), 5 farmer/ranchers producing raw food (Turner, Ren, Joshua, Pei and Nails), 1 cook (Stinky), 1 artist (Hassan), 1 operator (Mae), 1 researcher (Ruby) and 1 janitor (Nisbet). Most of the newcomers are builders because I got sick of waiting on Ellie and Lindsay to arrive all the time.

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Cycle 160

The new ranches in the northern circle are complete: we should now be ranching normal drecko's for reed fiber and stone hatches for some additional hatch meat.


Between all the different types of food I'm producing now I am definitely producing more calories than I need. Stinky has graduated from Mush Fry to Mushroom Fry and is becoming something of an expert in the noble art of "make food hot".

The calorie surplus will only get worse once I can make frost burgers. Even if we assume a decent chunk of those extra calories is going towards berry sludge storage, we're still gradually building up calories, and at this stage we don't have a deep freezer to keep them in. At some point I will need to either set up some food automation or simply do the math and balance the books.


Cycle 170

Persepholin is coming together. The shape came out okay, somewhere between "Mushroom" and "Cthulhu fhtagn". Better than I expected, so I'm not complaining.


The waterweed is planted, so in 50 cycles or so we'll get some lettuce. In the meantime, I need to get that oil well at the bottom of the base up and running. I don't particularly care about the plastic and petroleum, but I need that gas or we're never gonna get our burgers!

Now all I've got to do is get the oil out of the... input... teleporter...

Aw heck, I built my refinery next to the wrong teleporter.


Cycle 180

Well, that was a pain in the butt. I had to route the oil line all the way through the base to get it down to the industrial sphere.


In hindsight I should have put the ranches down here and the industrial stuff up where the ranches are now. Regardless, way too much pipe spaghetti later and we have natural gas, plus some spare petroleum and plastic on the way. Now we've just got to send it up to the kitchen and we'll be all set.

In other news, the plague of chernobyl-locusts is back. Gonna need to do another cull. We're getting there, though we've now got two azure bugs and more on the way. Only one step away from abyss bugs!


I also capped one of the hydrogen vents, flooding the base with hydrogen in the process. So that's fun.


It's only a temporary solution: the steel pump will eventually fail once the hydrogen heats up enough. But since we're not even using the vent yet (still getting plenty of power from electrolysis) we've got a decent amount of time before that happens.

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Cycle 194



Well, I guess that's one way to solve the ethanol pool problem.


Cycle 200

I allowed the brine reservoir to collapse on the basis that it had to melt sooner or later, what with me using it as a heatsink for the steel refinery.


I really need to replace the refinery. Actually, I am going to need to renovate a lot of the temporary infrastructure across the base and move it to the outer spheres so I can remodel the center to look not-terrible.

The neural vacillator is now drowned in brine, but on the bright side, we've freed up a bit of space. I think I will move the sleet wheat out here. I'd do the same for the bristle berry, but I like having floral scent in the bases central shaft.


Cycle 212

Ladies and gentlemen: BURGUUUR.


All is forgiven, Stinky.

With Frost Burgers in play, stress is no longer an issue and we can start streamlining our food infrastructure. According to ONI assistant, 16 ravenous duplicants means 16 sleet wheat (we have 17) 21.3 wild waterweed (we have 32), and 4.25 hatch ranches (we have 4 right now, plus 1 pip ranch and 2 drecko ranches). So we should be able to deconstruct the mushroom and mealwood farms and reduce the number of ranches... if I can find a way to keep the food fresh and distribute exactly the right ratio of burgers between Verdana and Persepholis.

We also have Cuddle Pips now. Not sure whether I want to move to them instead of the stone hatches: cuddle pips would require double the ranching effort but 50% less space and no need to feed them.



Overview images:



That dense methane pocket at the bottom is a worry. It seems trapped down there, but I'm not entirely sure why. Oh well, I'm sure nothing bad has ever happened by ignoring a problem until it exploded.

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Cycle 230

It exploded.


Setting up an emergency ventilation system now.


I put together a roof access tunnel and a space telescope, so Ruby is in the process of mapping the sky over Verdana now. I did Persepholin's sky a while back and found nothing interesting: just some space junk.




After a few cycles, we found our next target: Reekista, a radioactive swamp asteroid.



The plastic processors overheated and broke a long time ago, but they served their purpose. We have a full reservoir of natural gas for the gas range, which will tide us over for a long time. I've got drecko's for plastic.


Unfortunately, natural gas is the only thing we have for the gas range. The lettuce ran out way too quickly (I assume some of it must have spoiled, or maybe been eaten by the dupes on the other asteroid), and I got ahead of myself and deconstructed the mushroom farms, so we're actually on a downward trend for food at the moment. We still have half a million kCal of berry sludge, so we're not about to run out of food any time soon, but I'd rather not dip into my savings if I can help it.

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On 11/3/2022 at 11:51 AM, Slvrsrfr said:

wow oooof, best of luck pulling it thru. I know I would have backloaded a save by now. you are stronger than I.

Yeah, I refer to my playstyle as "failing upwards". Every problem I fix generates two new problems and sometimes they explode.

I do reload if a duplicant dies, however. Hasn't happened in this game yet.


Cycle 250


I've dismantled one of the hatch ranches and built a replacement glossy drecko ranch so we can start moving the closer one. Unfortunately, the drecko ranch has a ton of water in it which we'll have to do something with.


Persepholin is gradually cleaning itself up. The methane reservoir is full, so we're just venting natural gas to space at this point. I also installed an electrolyzer, fed from Verdana via the supply teleporter, to keep atmospheric pressure up.



Cycle 270

I renovated the mess hall, kitchen, slaughterhouse and hatchery. Turner is helping Stinky cook in his down-time.


Now I just need to deep-freeze the ingredient storage cupboards, which is easier said than done. I'm running the AETN's hydrogen line behind them, but that's not going to be enough. Will need to add some HVAC's to the line...

With six ingredient cupboards, I have a place for sleet wheat, bristle blossom, meat, barbequeue, frost bun and lettuce: everything we need for burgers and berry sludge. Thinking on it now, we can probably combine the meat and barbeque lines.

Of course, these renovations ruined a hatch ranch and disrupted meat production, so our kCal downward trend is only accelerating. Nobody is starving yet, but we have absolutely no buffer right now: food goes straight from the oven into duplicants mouths. The problem should fix itself in another 20 cycles or so: we have a new sleet wheat farm growing and the cuddle pip ranch will reach capacity soon.



Over on Persepholin, the air has cleared up somewhat and I've added a steam turbine for cooling. Still relying on Verdana for food, though.



Cycle 290

Well, we've nearly got a cheapo carbon rocket up and running.


I'm literally filling it up by hand.


I'm not ready to colonize a new asteroid yet: am still doing way too much micromanagement on Verdana and Persepholin to split my attention to a third asteroid as well. But dropping a rover seems doable.

In the meantime, I need to get both of my current asteroids up to sustainability.


Oxygen: Sorted on both asteroids. The steam geysers both have cooling systems implemented and provide twice as much water as I need for 16 dupes, the scavenging lines and carbon skimmers are up and running. Most importantly, the electrolyzers at Persepholin and and Verdana are running off the same water line, so I can treat them as a single system.



Food: Sorted on Verdana. I thought the ingredient freezers were all good but it turns out that carbon dioxide has a condensation point.


Who knew? That's an easy fix, though.

I do need to make natural gas production sustainable, though, and most importantly, do literally anything about Persepholin's food supply. I'm keeping them alive by throwing spare foodstuffs into the teleporter and it's awful and I need to either set up some local food production or automate the import process.


Power: On Verdana, hydrogen from the electrolyzers ain't cutting it anymore and the geyser is inactive. There are still two other hydrogen geysers I haven't unblocked yet, though. I hate them because they kill steel pumps, but I may not have a choice in the matter. Besides, I need to set up a proper gas battery anyway.

On Persepholin, there's an obvious answer and I should stop procrastinating, stop burning coal (which I don't even *have* on Persepholin), and relocate my oil industry. Building it on Verdana was stupid to begin with.

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Cycle 305

Ellie took the bottle rocket out for a spin.




Her mission: to boldly go where no duplicant has gone before, that being half a cycle away to the next asteroid over. The plan is to drop an expendable rover on Reekisa and return. In hindsight, I probably didn’t need to give my most valuable builder radiation sickness for that.

The rover landed alongside a large chasm and began abseiling into the abyss.


I will not name or get attached to the rover this time.


Cycle 315

Wilson! Noooooooooo!


Initial reaction to Reekisa: It has 2 gold and 1 cobalt volcano, lots of metal ore, a natural gas geyser, plug slugs and radiation. Basically, tons of power and no sustainable source of food or oxygen.

I think I will make Reekisa a ranch asteroid and dedicate it to the production and export of meeeaaat. This will resolve the food issue and free up a ton of space back on Verdana.


Speaking of Verdana…


The base now includes a climate control system/pipe radiator, which both cools and heats the passing coolant as necessary. It also turns the already spaghetti-mess liquid pipe overlay into some sort of non-Euclidian abomination. Fitting.

I’ve also tamed the hydrogen geysers, at least until the pumps give out, as well as relocating the hydrogen generators and adding a gas battery for dormant periods. Not that I’m too worried about dormancy. I’ve got three of the dang things.

With heat and power sorted, that just leaves food. The good news is, I’m producing far more barbeque and frost buns now than I need, and the lettuce supply has stabilized. The bad news is, I completely ran out of natural gas. Which leads us to Persepholin.


Oil refinement has been moved here, though I'm not proud of the implementation. I didn’t leave myself much space with this bases design for properly sized industrial builds. But it’s all good: the scavenging line there ultimately leads to Verdana’s gas range, so any natural gas I produce should eventually end up in burgers.

Of course, now I'm overloading the wires. There's always something.


Cycle 330


There's plenty of natural gas for food now, which means Verdana is sustainable on all four fronts: Oxygen, Food, Power and Heat. I have a weird little contraption to feed Persepholin with the surplus.


It's ugly as sin, but it works. When there's 20kg on the weight plate, the right-hand sweeper enables and starts picking frost burgers out of the freezer. As soon as a single burger is picked up, though, the weight plate goes red again and the sweeper is disabled, dropping it's load. Then the second sweeper, which cannot reach the food in the freezer, picks up the dropped burger and puts it in the conveyor loader to Persepholin. It's a nice way to get one burger in the loader instead of all of them.

That means Persepholin is sustainable on food and, with the grid split up to prevent overloading, power too.

So... I think that means the bases are stable now. Dirt for sleet wheat comes from pips, so the only non-sustainables left are sand for the sieves and igneous rock for stone hatches. I can probably start to colonize Reekisa without returning here every cycle.



There's still a lot to do to clean the two bases up, though. These are still mid-game bases: they will need significant renovations yet.

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Is anyone else having trouble loading the images in this thread? I think I might have made the diary a bit too screenshot heavy. Either that or imgur is having server trouble.


Cycle 340

With stability obtained, it's time to visit Reekisa properly. Ellie was not available at the time due to having just recently teleported back to Persepholin, so I loaded up Lindsay, Ruby and Ren and launched the Intergalactic Uranus III over. 


Steel from Lindsay's trailblazer and the rover's lander was repurposed to land the rocket, and everyone got established without incident, unless you count the all the projectile vomiting from radiation sickness.

Also, Lindsay made some new friends.



Normally Morbs would be a concern on a polluted asteroid like this, but the satellite kills everything so they're basically just free oxygen. There's an idea. Reekisa doesn't have any other source of sustainable oxygen, so maybe I should start farming morbs. Would even go with the ranch theme I have in mind.

Not a priority right now, though: offgassing and maybe one algae terrarium will keep us in the green. For the moment, I'm aiming to tame the natural gas geyser and the volcanoes.


Meanwhile, back on Verdana, the steam geyser cooling loop failed due to slapdash automation and I ended up scalding half the base fixing it. Oh well. Third-degree burns never hurt anyone.



Cycle 350

Speaking of third degree burns, I may have underestimated the gold volcanoes.


We at Gravitas would like to take this moment to assure you that we value duplicant welfare highly, and that every one of our employee's is content and happy with the circumstances of their tragically brief organic life. In fact, Gravitas' proprietary scientists have scientically proven with science that duplicants enjoy grievous bodily harm, and that any evidence to the contrary can be safely disregarded.

As for the volcanoes, I need to flood them with water anyway to set up the steam chamber. That should cool them down and prevent a repeat of this most unfortunate suspension of productivity.


Cycle 360


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Cycle 400

Reekista seems like it should be reasonably stable now, though I did run out of steel for the conveyor system. I could deconstruct Wilson, but that feels disrespecful.

I've also used up most of the decent quality food. Time to head home, I think. I returned the berry sludge to the rocket, along with some things I can't get on the other asteroids: enriched uranium, gold, gold amalgam, and some seeds.

When I come back, there are some things I will need to remember to bring. More steel to finish off the volcanoes, a heap of sand, some decor plant seeds and the critters/eggs I want to eventually ranch here (+arbor and mealwood seeds for the pips and dreckos).

It will be cool to have a little carbon dioxide shuttle going back and forth on a regular basis. I'd planned to deconstruct the Intergalactic Uranus III, but I might as well keep it around. If nothing else, it's cute.



Moving the berry sludge to the rocket the day before liftoff turned out to be a mistake: everyone had one meal of swamp chard's and bog bucket and immediately started getting melodramatic about it. Calm down, guys, it won't kill you. The long term effects of cosmic radiation will do that.


Back on Verdana, I've been working on an upgraded materials science research station while we wait for Ruby to return. I quite like the naturalistic look this one has: it feels like we're overseeing and investigating the crashed satellite. Also, fun fact: lead suits help, but they sure as flip don't stop the radiation. I'm really enjoying the hardest difficulty setting.



And on Persepholin, I'm going to expand the lower parts of the base to breed more slicksters and harness more oil wells. I may have gone just a wee bit overboard with the design.


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I've been putting the finishing touches on our research-and-exploration rocket, the Spirit of Defensive Sputnik IV.



Ironically, despite originally intending to do all my space stuff with Ruby and bringing a stereotypical-pilot Mae on purely as a mechatronic engineer, it will be the latter doing data collection. I wasn't aware that the orbital research station used the machinery skill, rather than science.

The interior looks like this:



The rocket has great hall, barracks and washroom, but let's face it: the berry sludge, the maxed out decor and the tickled tootsies buff from the carpet are doing the lions share of the morale/stress relief work. This rocket is luxurious. Which is good, because now I need to give Mae piloting and astronomy on top of all her other skills.

A bigger concern is radiation, but a few strategically-placed lead tiles and two bathroom breaks in her schedule ensures that won't be a problem. So, that just leaves oxygen. This design uses algae which is not optimal, since I don't have all that much algae to spare.

With that said, if I can get a bin of oxylite and a smog slug, I'll be able turn this into a two-dupe rocket with atmosuit docks in the bottom left. a bunk bed above the existing bed, and... hmm. I still need somewhere for a second mess table. Maybe knock out the top-right lead tile and replace one of the storage bins with a conveyor loader? Yeah, that might work.

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Cycle 450

Mae does good work. Nearly 400 databanks will allow us to knock out the last of the tier 6 research, and the discovery of a new asteroid. We done did found us some Moogongs.



Once Ruby is done researching all those data banks it'll be her turn to take the Spirit of Defensive Sputnik IV out. I think the way the starmap works is that objects never spawn in tiles adjacent to asteroids, so I should prioritise uncovering singular unknown objects like the one to the south. It's convenient that there's an abandoned rocket in range of it.

I'm preparing for a trip back to Reekisa with sand, mirth leaf seeds and most importantly, steel.The intergalactic uranus has been repurposed into a one-dupe shuttle, which was probably a mistake since I expect to be sending three at a time for a while at least and that's too many to not-suffocate without oxylite. This time around it'll be Nisbet (hauler), Turner (cooking) and Mae (mechatronics).



I'm also realising just now that, whilst this is a good design for a single dupe on a long mission (assuming there's oxylite in the storage bin), it's not even remotely optimal for a three-dupe cargo shuttle with a half-cycle flight time. I completely failed to adjust my design sensibilities for the purpose to which I was designing. Whoops!

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