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DST Creative Characters craft

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39 minutes ago, Captain_Rage said:

It is a bit tedious and pointless that all character specific items show up instead of the ones for the character you are playing when bringing up the crafting menu also. I wish it was possible to filter them out.

Like there is a big community of "creative" people in DST and they kinda would like to not be able to craft character items. Like yk, this could add some spice. I dont count here but my friends challenged me to post that


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3 hours ago, Hakimis said:

What about disabling crafting other characters stuff in creative mode?

Creative mode is a tool for testing and developing stuff.
It's absolutely wonderful for mod makers such as I to have instant and quick/easy access to every craftable item at a moments notice.
I think at most a filter would be nice but outright removing other characters crafts/items from the pool when the mode is enabled defeats the entire purpose of them being listed in the first place.
It'd also bring me back to wishing I could easily craft Winonas stuff whilst playing as Willow when testing mods and that's a dark age I'm not ready to go back to LOL

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A filter would be more than enough. The default view when playing a character who does not have many exclusive items makes it filled with cruft. It also contains spoilers. Ideally the player would have more to discover if quest related items were hidden before obtaining them. :/ It feels rather misplaced to have everything laid out from the get go. Oh, well.

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