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HP boss scaling but awesome.

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HP won't scale, except it will but not really.

If any player deals 100% boss' health as the damage it dies. So dragonfly has 27 500 health. Each player will damage a separate health pool. If one player manages to deal 27.500 damage dragonfly will die. So the boss will die as fast as if the best player fighting it was soloing it.

That means if you've dealt 25.000 damage and your friend has dealt 20.000 damage then to kill the dragonfly you have to deal 2.500 more or your friend has to deal 7.500 more damage.

So why not just let the best player solo it?

And here comes scaling. For each n+1 player landing a hit in the last 10 seconds, the boss will have a defense debuff applied (boss taking more damage). This idea has on mind making sure bringing extra players is helpful, we're trying to encourage multiplayer.

Example values:

  • 1 player: 0% more damage taken
  • 2 players: 12.5% more 
  • 3 players: 18% more
  • 4 players: 23% more
  • 5 players and more: 25% more

Values could be different but you get the idea. It would cap in this case on 25% so the boss doesn't die ridiculously fast due to 8 players present or something.

If someone dies the next best damage dealer after them inherits their damage pool so the death of the strongest player isn't too devastating.

And now the best part

Everyone gets a reward pouch like in terraria only they can pick up. Pretty much a gift wrap containing boss loot so everyone participating in the deerclops fight can get their own eyeballs, no more fighting over it.

Someone would just hit the boss once and then afk nearby waiting for the free pouch.

Two solutions:

To get a full participation reward you need to HIT the boss maybe about 60% as many times as the best damage dealer. Why not 60% damage instead of 60% hitss? Because Wanda and Wolfgang are overpowered as hell which would deprive you of rewards despite being as good as them if you played character without insane damage increase.

New players are unsure how many times they can hit the boss so they often step in to hit such deerclops once and then run away to dodge. It's a good beginner approach that should not be punished. If you hit the boss or get hit by the boss at least once every 5 seconds your participation timer will keep increasing steadily. It rewards initiative and keeps the boss defense debuff online.

Reward pouch content rules

  • If you've been participating at least 60% as long as the best player then you'll get a full reward pouch. In case of deerclops 100% chance for eyeball and 8x meat.
  • In case of loot that usually drops in the amount of 1 like deerclops eyeball: If you've been participating 30%-59% of the best player time then the pouch will contain single drop loot like an eyeball with RNG chance from 40% to 99% based on participation time
  • In case of loot that usually drops in an amount higher than 1 like 8x meat from deerclops: If you've been participating 30%-59% of the best player time then the pouch will contain 40% to 99% of the max amount of this loot based on participation time and rounded down but not less than 1.

"bUt HoStIlIsty fLarE." You still might not have enough goops and luck to get enough deerclops this way also it's very time-consuming and some of us have little free time and would rather do something more fun than do loot boxes dst edition.

This idea keeps boss fights long enough, should please some people who bring friends to make fights easier, be friendly for new players and prevent civil wars over an item that drops once a year.

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I think this would make fight so much less satisfying if you are not the best damage dealer.

Imagine the damage number you dealt never mattered because your attack only served as a boss debuff and boss distraction for the best damage dealer. There is absolutely no incentive to prepare good weapon for boss unless you are the best damage dealer. Everyone should just bring Walking Cane and give all the damage buff, best weapon and spotlight to the single best damage dealer. You are enforcing every battle to become single DPS + everyone else being support with this and I am not sure if that's what you really wanted.

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