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diesel punk or petroleum generator your bro

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Today I discover for myself ... petroleum generator. Previously I'd use it only for short period of time when dig into oil biome, and get rid of it as soon as I have something more sustainable. There were multiple problems - polluted water, carbon dioxide, overheat... But suddenly I realize it is props, not cons! Solution so obvious, that I can't explain why I did not make it previously: 


10kg/s petroleum boiler powered by magma biome, input is 10kg crude oil with 70-80C, output petroleum 150C (think it could be better, but it should be hotter then 130C)

It flow into chamber with generators with radiant pipes, exchanging heat with polluted water

hot steam consumed by turbines

No automation at all, generators just work 100% of time

5 generators consume 10kg of petroleum and produce ~ 3.5kg of water (3.75kg polluted water, but it contains dirt)

to produce 10kg of crude oil you need 3 kg of water, so generally that is water positive build. Additionally, as small bonus oil wells give you natural gas.


For now I have a problem with carbon dioxide - 2.5kg per second is pretty a lot. Carbon skimmer consume 0.3kg, so I need 9 skimmers, seems better set 5 air pumps and dump it into space

PS I have small automation - it disable liquid pump for the case if my dupes use pitcher pump. And one more hydro sensor should block crude oil pipe for the case if petroleum level will be too high. Most probably it will never happen.

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Have water sieves on a loop, you'll only expend filtration medium (regolith in the late game) and power:


The resulting polluted dirt can be further filtered with more regolith to get oxygen plus clay to make ceramics, or just fed to pokeshells for lime:


Right now i am ferrying solid CO2 from the near asteroids cause i am running out of it xD

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On 8/6/2022 at 10:50 AM, gabberworld said:

can i have your carbon dioxide? my Slicksters are hungry

With good discount my friend


On 8/6/2022 at 5:37 AM, melquiades said:

Have water sieves on a loop, you'll only expend filtration medium

In fact now I need polluted water for insulation. Badly.

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