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  1. If the place is fit for them to plant there according to the mod, it probably means the conditions for the plant are not appropriate, like temp and gas pressure.
  2. The improvement in performance was noticeable. Thank you very much!
  3. I think I read somewhere, and I am probably wrong, that the deal is that the dlc is still in beta, and there was a time, a long time ago, that epic didn't do partial updates but redownload the whole game on each update. Not anymore. That might sound inconvenient, it that would still be the case, but if you compare it to steam download speeds, I can download the whole satisfactory game again, in the same time steam took to enable the dlc (before the merge). So, I don't know the reason the dlc is not on EGS and I am waiting for it to be there to give the whole game to my friends.
  4. I stopped trying that because magma either became tiles or it receded and stopped touching the transfer surface.
  5. It might be related to including delays to those calculations to give room to more important ones, I mean, heat and mass transfers can go every tick, and AI and pathfinding can be every 5. Just as an example. But I would really love for them to clarify this. I also hate that slicksters even forget how to eat.
  6. Thank you for fixing the crash on load I had with my old colony, but now on the new update I will really stop playing or just go back to a previous build... The game became unplayable even at 2nd speed. The worst slideshow I have ever had in this game in any of the builds that save game has witnessed. Edit: A friend of mine sent me an earlier version of the game... I'll just wait till you finish the DLC, hopefully you will figure out how to fix the massive drop in performance.
  7. Thank you very much! I'll post it as soon as I get back from work. @Ipsquiggle Here it is, i disabled all mods before saving in the stable branch. (that was a lie, the mods got disabled, not were not, saved without them)Thank you very much. I have lost count how many times this save has been saved by your help already. final final no va mas.sav
  8. That did it! It wasn't just outdated like JRup suggested, it wasn't enough to activate the beta, i had to activate and deactivate the dlc. But the moment i loaded the save ai got this: I'll remove all mods and report back, but they don't seem to be the cause for this, it might have to do with the new repair feature of the atmosuits? EDIT: Mods were already off, so i am at loss now =(
  9. Is it intended that i can no longer load my old save game (that i still use while i wait for world gen to settle) on the new test branch?: Is this truly THE END for my colony? EDIT: I managed to load an even older save of this same colony, way way older. what am i missing? wtf?
  10. When a bug is so old you though it wasn't a bug. thanks for the fix!.
  11. You mean exactly as you bind them together? *sure*
  12. Thanks for the clarification, i was unwilling to do any new worlds because i wouldn't be able to get any new world gen features or fixes (like my now 10000 cycle colony).
  13. I think you need to create a new world to get the new world gen features.
  14. I have always find it so amazing that you can find such specific bugs. Nice job!
  15. It wasn't so hard to find... the only 80+ MB file! Sry for using mediafire but i have never been able to upload an image anywhere near the max permitted size using the forum: Thank you very much! I generated a world some time ago, and started checking the worldgen with debug_enable.txt. And it usually takes a long time for me to open the load game tab, but this was the first time crashing.