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  1. Blueprint mod? Blueprints at Steam workshop.
  2. Hi there, When using the auto map share mod, that i got from the site, the game couldn't read/open any save file from the load window when i uninstalled it (by moving it out of the local mod folder). After trying for a lot of things, i found out that the autosave left behind from the mod was making the game unable to load any other save: AutoSave Cycle 1.sav
  3. Seems like the multithread optimizations for the conveyor rails didn't make it into this patch, was it because you ditched it for good or because if was harder than you anticipated? Thank you for the continued support, Really appreciate it.
  4. i made this, and i could probably get away with placing more steam turbines: The more steam you dump into the chamber, the more heat it soaks.
  5. Hijacking this thread to say, What a clever setup for the deodorizers, pretty nice.
  6. I just noticed that!. Than you very much for your help!! Edit: I had already seen that video, and i was already subscribed to Francis, but i never imagined that it would happen to me xD It was running for literally thousands of cycles, I guess it got messed up when i started using the water produced from the desalinator to feed the geysers.
  7. It has a lot of mods though. But you can see that the pipe is carrying water, pretty hot, but not boiling, the pipes are not hot either, and the whole room was in a vacuum. I manage to make a save moments before it happens, i made sure it happens every time: 33+ Cycle 4967.sav
  8. One room I had in a vacuum with exposed magma was getting filled with steam when I wasn't looking. It took me a while to get to the exact point it happened because I didn't save each cycle. I got to see this: 93.8ºC water making cold damage to an insulated liquid pipe, Wasn't cold damage be made when the substances change state inside a pipe? Is there something i am missing/don't know of, or is this a bug? The water comes from a desalinator, that uses salt water from a salt water geyser that spits at 95ºC.
  9. [Game Update] - 372041

    @Ipsquiggle Did you guys ditch the rail optimization you were working on completely?
  10. [Game Update] - 372041

    Yo dawg... I heard you like crashes, so i put a crash in your crash reporter, so you can crash while crashing! Best set of updates as of late, I recovered all faith in you.
  11. @aresd Aww you worked so hard on an asset over the weekend and coded all of your new code based on years worth of work of many people that made the game. You deserve to put up a patreon or Kofi for your efforts. God forbid for the developers to notice something missing from their game and implement it without using your weekend asset or the code you made out of the game code, because the idea is what matters the most, the whole concept of the game pales in comparison. This is the reason games like Rimworld have specific Eula for this nonsense. Theft? Give me a break.
  12. Huge RAM issue

    I upgraded my system because of RAM, but somehow it got worst as of late. 16 GB are not enough now. What worked for me was getting rid of all my evolved shinebugs, otherwise the game would crash constantly after a few minutes.
  13. Do anybody else understand this statement because I don't. It should be abundantly clear the the developers have moved on. What you have now is what you get. My five cents beyond this point: I never felt mod support in this game would go beyond steam integration. It was always a secondary focus at best. Are you willing to wait for tools, documentation and/or coding QoL? I has been 4 months since one of the devs have replied here, and the last update to the mod system was a fix to the loop bug. I might be spoiled by Rimworld or Factorio mod support, but this is nowhere near complete for me, but hey, the game had to be released one day.
  14. @Nightinggale this is abandonware.
  15. Windows 10 doesn't know how to manage many cores efficiently. That was something proven to be affecting the highest core count Threadripper CPU, yet with Linux it doesn't have that issue. That issue was supposed to be fixed in the latest update of windows, as it was announced by Microsoft at AMD's Ryzen 2 presentation. So, it would be worth specifying if your version of Windows 10 is up to date. It might have a relation with the effectiveness of the tweak.