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  1. @Dotrein A way to deal with the bug is, If it says unreachable mark them for sweep, and the autowseepers will get them immediately. It is very annoying bug.
  2. Oxygen Not Included 2022-08-08 23-46-45.mp4 As long as you have CO2 you'll have ceramics.
  3. Have water sieves on a loop, you'll only expend filtration medium (regolith in the late game) and power: The resulting polluted dirt can be further filtered with more regolith to get oxygen plus clay to make ceramics, or just fed to pokeshells for lime: Right now i am ferrying solid CO2 from the near asteroids cause i am running out of it xD
  4. You could try this, have a designated hauler, and dedicated storage that only holds liquefiables, place said storage in some place of you better convenience, and never worry about it again. Also, no other storage should carry liquefiables, is a good practice to have all the stuff separated (it seems to improve performace).
  5. Hi there!, Are you still open for suggestions? Cause i would really love to see insulated rail conveyors!. I had my colony freeze and i had no idea why... and it turned out it was the sleet wheat seeds traveling from my farm to the storage room. I would also like to ship igneous rock debris from the one side of the map to the other without cooking the colony, and without the need of dupes to carry them (so they don't drop the scorching hot pieces right in the middle of liquid locks and making a mess). And i am also convinced that less temp exchange calculations improve performace, it worked on my old colony of the base game in which i plastered insulation everywhere i could, on some massive liquid and gas pipes i had all over the map.
  6. Pretty PLEASE. It would even help with performance for not having to calculate any heat transfers on rails in which you don't need to exchange heat. And the older the colony the more rails i get.
  7. This was the issue that had me screaming, whatever the update, it didn't affect the ones currently running in my colony, it only affected the new ones!. I'll pick all of these designs for later if needed, thank you!
  8. What happens if you route the oxygen being dumped into space with a canal that connects the upper part of the setup? Side note there: I thought that having oxygen on top was the proper way to do it and then got frustrated cause i couldn't make it work anymore on another asteroid xD I built 3 on the early game, and then when i tried to reproduce it later on in a new colony they simply refused to work (gasses didn't autosort), then i made a mistake and let one run before priming it and it autosorted itself. Also In a funny note, they don't seem to work for me if the liquids are touching a neutronium wall some reason, i wanted to take advantage of the map's wall and they didn't work with either gas up or down.
  9. What prevent gases from liquefying outside the liquid reservoir?. Very nice setup.
  10. If he does "empty storage" would he get a bottle with the liquid or a burst of steam? or a bottle that immediately burst into steam?
  11. I upgraded from a 2700x to a 5900x and the difference was massive! The improvement from your 1400 would be mind boggling (i also upgraded my memory though). But regardless, i still need the Fast Track mod like others have told you to play comfortably at the late game. But i rather wait a little bit if i were you, AMD is set to release its new gen soon, (some say as soon as next october, but that is a rumor for now), and that new platform should be able to support more generations to come. So i'd say, get a 5800X3D if you cannot wait to get a CPU later this year. **Doubt**
  12. @MicahZoltu I think you are looking for this instead, "Fast Save":
  13. If left to off-gas, these bottles of polluted water freeze the environment: Notice that the room below was full of the off gassed polluted oxygen at the beginning. Happening on the current live branch.