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  1. I was hoping someone knew what was coming xD, I like to commit to my colonies, and stay for a long time. These few months have been all temporary/test colonies and i want to go full ham on building a big colony now.
  2. As the title says, Should i roll a new map now or should i wait for more worldgen fixes/additions in the near future?
  3. Space definitely is more radioactive than raw uranium ore and it still safe to be in space indefinitely.
  4. Using an auto-sweeper to fill a solid oxidizer tank get the sweeper to keep filing the tank even when it is already at full capacity. (I debugged the rocket in.) Video attached. Oxygen Not Included 2021-02-16 13-22-57.mp4
  5. I will ask you because of my sheer ignorance in the subject. What problem would pose for moders and the general public to know the source code? Is there any posibility of theft by another game developer? I know that Rimworld even had a decompiler made specifically for it. Anybody can decompile that game.
  6. Abandoned? Really? The base game was completed a long time ago. you are not paying for a subscription do you? Don't expect to get free content all the time. And even then, you still are getting bugfixes.
  7. @DarkMaster13I do what @Gurgel mentioned but now I must check your solution. I had no idea you could do that! It would prevent dupes from peeing anyway because i tend to forget i keep it disabled until in a mission.
  8. The configuration button for the mods seem to be missing, or is it only me?
  9. The worst thing somebody can do when playing an early acces game is to feel as a purist, because everything about the game can change, and new stuff can finally made it into the base game, including mods. Anyway, I was playing with so many mods on my old base, but most of them weren't really game changing, the one completely breaking the way the game was played was the solid filter mod that allowed you to filter several kinds of materials with just a single device. That mod is glorious. There was no need to build gigantic and/or clunky sorting facilities. On the other hand, I also NEEDED the mod to flip the other way the liquid reservoir (like what the hell Klei seriously? XD).
  10. Mods are for the developers to take notice of what could be a good idea to implement, the most popular/clever mods could make it into the base game, the time is now (by being "ALPHA").
  11. It is not exactly any good though, the moment you zoom in you cannot zoom out again, having to do that trick yet again.
  12. If he builds a wall on top of it, as i think OP will, it will be conecting to a vacuum, so the heat transfer should be minimal.
  13. I had literally thousands upon thousands tons of sulpur on my old base, but you really get to do that on the late game, by that time you don't really need any aditional source of food. It would be cool to have the molten sulphur geysers (not really cool though...), but i rather have sulphur as a byproduct of the oil refinery.
  14. Plutonium occurs naturally as a decay product, there are no relevant deposits of it in nature. People need to craft it if they want to use it.