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  1. And if you don't want your dupes carrying stuff to places a sweeper arm can reach:
  2. I have a taichi x470 and i hoped to upgrade to Ryzen 3 at launch, but neither the cpu nor the bios where available... On december 9 comes a new batch of 5900x, so i think i'll end up buying a x570 motherboard so i don't have to wait for the bios. I Already bought a 16x2 GB 3600 CL16 kit and a Sabrent Rocket 1TB Nvme, just waiting for them to arrive. I might get 5 FPS more out of that... if i am lucky. edit: upgrading from a 2700x
  3. I started doing a research, don't remember which, and then halfway i decided to change it. 2 dupes where researching at that time, and they both froze in place, not researching anything, until one of them started coughing.
  4. If it is a pocket contained in a room you could try planting dasha saltvines to eat the chlorine. ed:Typo
  5. Other developers would have released this game and not touch it again but via dlc only, instead of continuous free content updates and error/performance patches
  6. Can you just let me buy it so i can start testing it already? i didn't mind early alpha, and i will not mind any length of beta with you as developers.
  7. Of course it does, from annoying af, to the reverse of what you can already do, when connecting tubes etc.
  8. I could not care less about cloud and steam. How can i permanently disable clouds saves and the notification t start?
  9. People seem to love to argue about how much ram you really need to play the game, but never pay attention to the kind of memory, speed and maybe channel configuration of it.
  10. They are a really good idea for space silos, but with the MASSIVE lag they introduced to my game when i tested them i will never, ever touch them again. Unless maybe, the next Ryzen 4900x can handle them.
  11. @Ipsquiggle BTW i am willing to PAY as an extra DLC for a bottle emptier in which you could set the amount of liquids you want carried to it. I have over a thousand hours on this game and i always forget to stop sending liquids to them!.