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  1. Thank you for the pointers, I'll try them tomorrow, or maybe the day after, i got an ONI overdose xD
  2. Update, I made a major MAJOR revamp of the design, I rearranged the pipes and fitted 2 additional lines of sour gas so i could dump more older crude oil to the system (now it can handle up to 8 Kg, but by trial and error, i found out the cooling is enough for 7,5~ Kg). I scrapped the cooling pool, added 2 steam turbines on top salt water flash boiler, i removed the heat transfer from the main heat transfer corridor. Placed many diamond tempshift plates and thermium radiant pipes and the heat transfer from the sour gas pipes to the steam went up to almost 30º (!). The liquefying room stopped clogging and the boiler was functional again! THEN i figured out when trying to cool down the turbines that I could use the residual coolness of the resulting natural gas to directly cool the incoming sour gas, so i used a supercoolant loop with diamond tiles to transfer the heat, and the turbines became so cool they became non functional! BUT This stupid thing right here will completely DESTROY the boiler and I HATE IT: 300 grams, GRAMS of petroleum are holding back over 200 kg of crude oil from flowing heating even more the sour gas and flashing more crude oil to petroleum where they are not supposed to! What i did in the previous design was to have a "stair", the liquid tried to go on top of each other and somehow keep flowing, but i don't have more space! down below is neutronium and lava! Currently it looks like this (added a mod to destroy the pois on top): AND I found some really weird bug, petroleum floating on top of sour gas: Oxygen Not Included 2020-07-10 14-40-25.mp4
  3. People tend to drop colonies if something goes horribly wrong, i persevere! Hopefully you will find a way. What i think i can do with mine is to control the amount of heat the boiler pours into the sour gas, the excess will have to be deleted with a, or lots of steam turbines. I have another setup that uses geothermal to boil crude oil to petroleum and it is doing perfectly fine so far: I think i will end up doing something similar but starting with petroleum.
  4. Thank you for taking the time to analyze that mess xD I had no idea there where so many heat transfer bugs! Plopped 2 steam turbines on top of what was my salt water boiler, but i only manage to remove a meager 2º from the sour gas. I guess i'll have to decommission that boiler, it served me well =(
  5. Hi there! My sour gas boiler broke down with this new update, but i don't really know why, I understand that the update fixed a bug with heat transfer, but i don't know how this set up was being affected by that: Oxygen Not Included 2020-07-09 17-08-00.mp4 What i do is just dump crude oil on a counterflow stream of sour gas. Make a long enough "road" for the sour gas to be cool enough for transfering to a room to be liquefied by the cooling made by those 2 aquatuners. The "excess cooling" is dumped into a supercoolant pool that i either use to cool really hot rocks or just cool the steam generated when flash boiling salt water, when it is active. The thing is that the crude oil is converting to petroleum way earlier on the road than before, there is no excess cooling anymore, and the sour gas will eventually be getting pumped hotter into the liquefying room and stop working. This was a shitty inefficient set up, but it was working for thousands of cycles: Any idea why it stopped working? Any help is appreciated.
  6. @Ipsquiggle BTW i am willing to PAY as an extra DLC for a bottle emptier in which you could set the amount of liquids you want carried to it. I have over a thousand hours on this game and i always forget to stop sending liquids to them!.
  7. OMG That is something the "ignorance is a bliss" saying was made. Edit: Are you taking suggestions? Please make the pliers mod part of the base game!.
  8. Now it is really useless for good. Thank you for your work! You are amazing.
  9. @mathmanican @Zarquan So, from what i understand, if you are not actively trying to abuse this bug you wouldn't probably bump with it on the wild, would you?
  10. I build everything as i need it, lots of stuff are "temporary", and i find lots of joy rebuilding those temporary bits with new, optimized stuff. Just don't be afraid to make enormous overhauls of old infrastructure once you have enough resources. Regarding natural tiles, you can just build them wherever you want, either by heat, the door glitch or mods.
  11. Should have hit refresh earlier! Thank you so much for your help! I'll look out for more of those kinds of situations with the sweepers. I still had a lot more sweepers to delete, wait rinse and repeat xD
  12. Help me out here, i am about to lose my colony to this, i rolled back to an earlier save file and i reached roughly at the same crash point. Edit: I entered dev mode and destroyed all of the autosweepers i had installed, and the game survived another autosave. Now i have to find the one responsible for crashing, it might be related to it grabbing a really tiny amount of something. Or the one i hooked to a timer.