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Followers manning the cannons!

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So... here's something that popped into my mind. Certainly on the scale of things less likely to happen, BUT: I'll share anyways.
We know mobs can use cannons since Monkeys actively try and shoot at you with their cannons when approaching land, but, now hear me out...

What if our followers could too? 

Think about it. Something I've always liked is that when you don't have other players nearby, followers could make up for them!
Wolfgang's sanity upside when near other players can be proc'd by Pigmen and critters.
Same for getting help fighting Ewecus!

So I was thinking, what if Pigmen and maybe character followers like Bernie and Maxwell's shadows could fire cannons at hostile mobs/boats too?
I'd love to be sailing as Maxwell with a shadow army manning my cannons.
Or Willow with tiny Bernie in a lil captain's hat firing away.
Wurt with her merms, ect, ect! You get the point.

What're your thoughts on the manner and potential this may bring? I think it could be super fun and open multiple layers of sea action.


Semi related too, here's a lil Doodle I did of Bernie as a captain as a Bernie set I was doing for fun earlier.

EDIT: Picture! 

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That's cute, fun and all but there's no way I trust them on that.

If they start firing cannons (which can shoot in any direction depending from where they are taken), it would be extremely easy for them to just bash any structure on our own boat or shoot the player / other allies in between. So that's likely to be something only useful in 1/100 situations on specificity constructed boats and done in a so specific, secured and limited way that players would do much better themselves anyway.

But really the idea on paper is one of the cutest ever, but I'd like to only work on followers if they wear hats of the pirate category to make sure it's wanted.

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I'd like to recommend on top of this, followers should be able to help you pilot the boat's other entities as well (such as lifting/lowering sails, dropping/raising anchors, rowing even (not steering, that's for the captain only) (you can give some followers hats already and the logic is there for them to pick up/use signs in the wrestling mini game; why not have them be able to hold oars and row :eyes: ))

It would be so cool to have followers on boats, because then shanghaiing bringing them on board means they can help you! Especially good if you play alone/don't sail with other players. Having them fight and shoot cannons would also be really neat! 

I have not been coerced or forced in any way to say this

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