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[suggestion] cutMORE!

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so, basic powder monkeys have cutLESSes… 

what if there are better monkeys with cutMOREs? 

a cutmore would be like a cutless, but better. it could also probably be either a larger wooden cutlass, or the same as a cutless, but metallic. either way it could be really cool

its name is a pun on cutless, and claymore. since it cuts more, its a cutmore, and since it is strong like a claymore, its still a cutmore. does that make sense? i honestly dont know if that makes sense.

the cutmore would probably be similar to the cutless, in that it is wielded by moon quays, and steals stuff. it would probably deal more damage, and have more uses, since it’s supposed to be a direct upgrade. maybe it could also steal 2 items at a time? that would make it better at using the actual quirk of the weapon. 

i dont know who/what would wield cutmores, since prime mates are already equipped with battle paddles. maybe just some powder monkeys have cutmores instead of cutlesses? regardless, i think that this is a cool idea, but im also not sure if the pun makes any sense or if its too complicated. anyway, this is the third suggestion post i made today, so im gonna go to sleep. (if you’re reading the klei, then please read my other suggestions! i have so many monkey-related ideas!)

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