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Best/favorite WX-78 circuit combos?

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What do you guys think are the best wx circuit combinations? Been playing him a lot, and it seems stupid to do anything other than 2x super acc circuit + some other 2 slot. I usually do 2x super acc + hunger decrease or health increase based on what I'm doing. All other circuits seem pointless to me, really. Aside from maybe using 3x shock circuits for some bosses ( e.g. works great on fuelweaver when the caves are wet) So if anyone has useful combos or would like to share their favorites I'd love to learn!

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For the early game, I get the usual Nightvision and Speed 2.0 combo. Once I've settled down somewhere, I keep the speed, install a Supergastrogain circuit to stop me from eating all the time and the Super processor if I keep fighting nightmares after leaving the ruins.

If it's summer or winter, I always keep a Thermal/Refrigerant circuit installed since while the weather isn't too bad to deal with, being able to explore the map like it's autumn is just too hard to give up.

If I'm fighting a boss where I'm going to take a lot of damage like bee queen, I'll install one  Health 2.0. Anymore than that is just too excessive IMO. 

I don't believe there is a circuit the is labeled the "best" to have in-game, since it mostly depends on your playstyle as well as the context of a given situation. 

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1health+speed+magilumessence thing. 175 health with passive speed and emitting light constantly makes it really hard for me to pick anything else because while passive regen+weather immunity+hunger reduction are really cool I don't really need them.


If I could change something about WX it would be to make his circuits be unbreakable or have a lot more durability, because I stand to lose more changing them to suit my needs having to deal with pesky durabilities and all that. If they didn't break I'd probably switch them up every now and then for different tasks.

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Speed is so adictive its hard to no have  at least one

I do:

- Autumm: night vision + acc 2.0 

- Winter: acc 2.0 with thermal circuit and health 1.0 and then moogles in the inventory

-Spring: back to the autumm set cuz night vision and eyebrella even in night is Pog

- Summer: acc 2.0 with chilled circuit and health 1.0 


Not that creative I know but as I said his main perk to me is be fast af boii than the others just reduces the amount of stuff in my inventory to be practical

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on early days I just use whateve r comes handy, but after getting speed 2.0  I use 2 speed + any other 2-slots circuit (health for now, as is cheapest imo and allow stupid decisions)

I am not in late game with WX yet so its not final setup.

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