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[Suggestion] Metal beefalos for wx

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Quick apology for terrible formatting.

This idea is not finalized and will need adjustments and changes, please suggest something you think could make this addition to the wx rework better. Firstly, I think there should be an option to make it so that Jimmy acts as a pet, and doesn’t drop to the ground right after bioscanning. Secondly, I find it odd that wx uses beefalos and pets, in lore, it says he hates all flesh life forms. Therefore, he wouldn’t want a pet, he would want to kill or abandon it instead. 

Ideally for this rework, jimmy gets skins like belongings. The beefalo(explained later) could also get belonging skins if added.

Now we get to an actual big change. Wx should do continuous research on the inner-workings of beefalos, say, 40-60 scans over a period of 20 days on beefalos, at least 1 a day, and he would get a recipe to craft a robot beefalo, that looks similar to the current robot beef skin, but different and more custom to wx. The beef would follow wx(like with a bell) except when hitched to the beef’s recharge station(explained later)

The beefalo craft would cost 5-8 steel wool(not sure how much, please give feedback), 6 electric doodads, 10 nitre, 12 gold, and 3 thulecite(Thulecite would not be visible on the beef, it would just be needed for battery/energy storage. This beef could only be crafted at a recharge station(explained later), not prototyped.

It would have the stats of a default beef, and would not use the disobedience mechanic. A gear would repair the beefalo 4x the health it does wx, trusty tape would also repair the beef for 150 health. It would consume nitre and gems as fuel. 100% fuel would last 5 days. blue and red gems would each give 20% fuel, a purple would give 40, a gear would give 50%, and nitre would give 10% fuel. 

The beefalo would have an upgrade system similar to wx. 6 slots that need to charge, but can only recharge at a recharge station(explained later). The beefalo could take saddles normally. Beefalo would use wx’s upgrades, but differently with some upgrades. 

  • A health upgrade v2 would give one more day from 100 to 0% fuel(this stacks)

  • the song upgrade could act normally as it does with wx

  • the speed upgrade would give .5 more riding speed per upgrade(stacks)

  • a health regen upgrade would give 3.3 more health regen per ten seconds on top of a base of 6.9 per 10 seconds(stacks)

  • the light radius upgrade would act the same as it does with wx

  • There would be a new upgrade added for this beefalo, the recipe would be gained by scanning malbatross. It would cost 8 bio samples, and one malbatross bill(potentially malbatross feathers instead, again, please give feedback) this would make the beef convert into a boat when entering the water, the beef would be 4/9 the size of a normal boat, the boat beef would have a steering wheel in the middle and an anchor on the side. The boat beef would move through water at the speed of a normal boat using a malbatross bill as an oar. The beef boat would convert back into a normal beef when back on land, and all of the riders would be kicked off. This upgrade would take up 4 slots.

  • Another upgrade would be gained from scanning chester(can only be scanned once). It would be crafted for 4 bio samples and 4 planks. It would give 3 storage slots accessible inside the beef(like wobby). It would take up 2 upgrade slots, but can only stack up to 6 storage slots.

  • All other upgrades can not be used on a beef crafted by wx.

The recharging station is the only place where upgrades can be changed, and the only place where slots refuel. A beef can be hitched to the station.  When at the station, the beef’s fuel is used up 3 times slower than normal. This station can be prototyped by wx at an alchemy engine, costing 3 electric doodads, 5 nitre, 5 gold and 3 cut stone.


The general idea behind the metal beef was to make it very expensive so it wouldn’t overshadow normal beefs or wobby.

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Its very fun, you definitely put some serious thought into this, but i dont think it fits well. It would make an interesting mod though.

for starters wx78 does not need a mount, he can have more health than one, he can move faster than one, and he can deal as much damage as one. So typically speaking, most wx78 players would rather just go from place to place themselves rather than riding a beefalo. 
I like the idea of wx getting a mount he can upgrade with his circuitry, but wx thematically is about doing everything yourself, he is the epitome of a selfish character. 

the storage upgrade is fun, but definitely steps on walters toes (this whole idea does really) which is kind of a major problem, without having a unique mount and storage device he’s just slingshot man, and most people are eh about the slingshot. 

finally, most of this idea is prohibitively expensive, or downright inconvenient. I wouldnt want to return to one location every five days. Im trying to explore the ruins, but I barely have time to get there and get back, but i still need to kill a boss and clear a bunch of broken clockworks. Id rather have a normal beefalo, because there isnt a timer saying 3 more days of this and im done. I could just feed it a piece of grass. Nitre is okay but 10 pieces is a lot of nitre. Unless im literally constantly mining my beefalo was a 20 day waste of time. Im certainly not going to give it purple gems for 2 days of riding each. I could run faster, and tank better too. 


like i said, its a fun idea, i hope i see it as a mod, but it doesn’t really fit wx or the main game

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Just change the skin.


But honestly, I have think about rideable creature for every character.

Beefalo for Wilson, a giant larvae for Willow, spider queen for Webber, ghost beefalo for Wendy, rideable giant meatball for Warly. You can continue


Only Wanda should not have creature, cause she already have her clocks.

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1 hour ago, Copyafriend said:

i hope i see it as a mod, but it doesn’t really fit wx or the main game

That was an idea I had behind it that I'm probably going to attempt to make. Thank you for the feedback. In terms of charging, the station would only really be used for changing charms, not recharging, you could just feed the beef gems or nitre when riding.

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