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ONI crossover with Endless space 2

ONI crossover with Endless space 2  

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  1. 1. Do you think ONI should have a crossover with Endless space 2

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i've played both endless space 2 and ONI. They are both wonderful game with style, nuance, and a rich lore.


But they absolutely nothing in common except for the vacuum of space. The mechanics are completely different, the lore comes from opposing directions, and the style of art and humor has no place in the other game.

The most i can see for a crossover is maybe an advertising crossover for fun. Like how in bioware's mass effect 2, you could get a dragon age armor set. Medieval armor has absolutely no place in space, but it was fun to cross promote the games.

This is not to say a crossover can't be done, with good enough writing and effort, you can hack my little pony into batman... the question though is would either player base appreciate it enough to increase sales, and profits, and thus make the effort worth it?

I LOVE both endless space and ONI, but i don't think so.


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10 hours ago, babba said:

ONi still has no Tiberium Fields for mining ! :ghost:


in general they could add mining field even in 2d, when dupe digs then only some kg is dig-out from one tile like its in that factory. that would make clean map also much longer from items and it would make also game-play longer

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