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Hey guys

Recently created my account. With 500h on base game. Wanted to share some thought about this amazing game.

I noticed a enormous amount of pox (polluted oxygen) in my base, correlated with a lot of oxygen produced by my deodorizer. Like 200kg by cycle, as much as my SPOM ( i dont have any sublimation station). I used to have to compress PW a lot to get decent amount, and it appears that in spaced out the production of pox is way bigger than before.

I ended covering my PW with water to stop the flow of pox coming, but it somehow disturbs me. Did you noticed this augmentation as well ? What do you think about ?

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10 hours ago, SackMaggie said:

P-water in bottle give a lot of PO2, P-water in tiles need lot of space or high volume to create lots of PO2. Anyway I just put deodorizer at the source of PO2 and just let dupe breath the left over (While disable O2 production).

Depends... deodorizers consume a lot of filtration medium.  If you want clay to make ceramic, this is great, but if you're short on sand, you'll run out fast.  Relative to filtering the water for a SPOM, (which yields polluted dirt that can be fed to pokeshells for 50% recoery), deodorizers use more than 6 times as much filtration medium.  In the base game, I would use deodorizers because you've got unlimited regolith from space.  In spaced out, you can run out of sand very quickly, so I usually address the source of the PO2.

I believe Klei changed some of the PO2 off gassing mechanics during the development of Spaced Out, but I don't know the exact details.

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Another possibility: Slime or polluted dirt as debris or in a storage bin with under 1.8 kg of liquid in their tile will cause off-gassing that can lead to extremely high pressures as the debris will be able to fully convert to PO2 since they are not stopped by the air pressure.

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On 2/2/2022 at 10:24 AM, NewWorldDan said:

Depends... deodorizers consume a lot of filtration medium.

It's worth noting that you don't have to use deoderizers to purify polluted oxygen.  Polluted oxygen will liquify to liquid oxygen, which will then evaporate to regular oxygen.  With a good counterflow heat exchanger you can use a hydrogen thermo-regulator to purify a full pipe (1kg/s) of polluted oxygen.  You don't get the clay for ceramic but you do get 100% conversion instead of the 90% with deoderizers.

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