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when in doubt:
-1 hit then run.
-while your running try to bait attacks every few seconds.
-Time how long it took the creature to attack again.
-make an estimate to how many hits you can do within that time. and attack again, but this time with your estimated number
if you get hit, then repeat, if not then keep doing it

or if you want to be safe:
-1 hit than run
-bait attack every now and then

I just do these steps if i dont really know how to kite an enemy. though this works for normal mobs only , not any bosses.

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The battle in here is turn-based

Easier to understand when fighting large bosses

In your turn, how many times you can attack depends on the monster and your skills

Maximum number of attacks in each round

Horse ,3,dragonfly,7,beefloe,<7,bearger/Moose…,4,Treeguard,<5,…

Except for dragonfly, thieves, and tentacles, others can reduce the number of attacks and escape early

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It depends on your movement speed, your distance to the enemy, your damage, the enemy's health, your weapon, and your connection to the server. If you're sticking to a "list" you're going to be cutting yourself short. Just look at how long it takes the enemy to attack and react accordingly.

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