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  1. Well i dont know, does it? I can add question, if you dont want to reply to it, just skip it and keep your mouth shut, thats actual skill to ignore something, you know?
  2. I am filling middle of map because i want to i dont really think that killing deerclops with no hit in 2 minutes is called newbie, everybody can make mistakes even after spending hours in game and you act like 24/7 online mr i know better, spending your life on computer game is not an achievment, and it is connected to dragonfly biome what i mean by connection is they are close to each other in most cases, and always near bee biome and i rely on mod and my memory, i dont need to be close to edges because i have up to 5 worlds i play on, its not that much you can remember them all. if you wanna proove whos younger then im waiting for your discord name with hashtag
  3. you trying to give me advice rn? You know there is mod called aerial view right? I can see alot, im close to edge, i still see more than exacly at the edge without mod, also in pretty much all situations i walked near edge when i had time.
  4. Where tho? I did not find oasis, its always connected or close to dragonfly biome, you can say its actually near somewhere but i know more than map shows because of aerial view mod.
  5. wdym learning progress i just forgot something XDD also you either progress or learn, not learn progress
  6. i forgot that. i already found pig king, the problem is now i cant find antlion, its so frustrating, 2 days left to summer any ideas where should i search? i think i know but maybe there are people with more exp. in that thread
  7. Cobble path drives to nowhere on both sides, where is pig king then?
  8. i think happiness in summer or just summer vibe? Not my idea, i read that on dictionary
  9. I seen once firepit that makes phoenix above it, is winged braizer only skin that makes firepit animations different? Yo moderator can you please verify this topic its literally one sentence.
  10. thanks man, apriciate your speed, i really love this community
  11. i mean i used basic ones that i had in potters wheel, question is does cut stone ones are worse than marble? I forgot to take marble because i had full inventory and nothing less important than that, i just didnt need marble back then, around day 6-7 i used golden dumbells, gotta find purple gem for shadow manipulator and gem dumbells tho
  12. dude its day 12 and im preparing for dragonfly and i need to do her before winter not god damn celestial champion, but thanks maybe i will use them later instead of boss statues for decoration and wdym a bug i just didnt find it yet, its for 100% on because i play on default world, nothing changed except adding some mods
  13. What can i load except potatos and how much per hit it gives me mightyness? I want something quicker but i still didnt find terrarium so i cant get any boss statues. Any ideas?
  14. And maybe another question, berry bushes can be used 3 to 5 times before fertilzation right? If i will fertilizate that after that it still has from 3 to 5 uses? And how about leafy one, ive never honestly seen leafy berry bush being fertlizated because of too many berrys taken. And how about wild grown ones, or these in pig villages, do they need fertilization too?
  15. Sounds good to me but there is a problem, i dont have that much time for rubbish worlds, i want to have more time in just normal world in dst but i cant, its christmas soon so i will try to play more this weekend i had that one world that i didnt care but as i said i died to deerclops and terrorbeaks because for some reason as mighty wolfgang i was very quickly frozen, he destroyed my firepit because i didnt have materials on normal campfire and there we go, im dead. I will try stalagmites and graves today, im still waiting for these maps examples in caves, that would be huge tip.