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image.png.3f8ffd93c914bba71b11f6897c51a1ba.png Cement Toast ( original formula )

How it works: Dupes have a new kitchen gadget, called the Quad Toaster. Wheatgrain is loaded in to the toaster, 4 slices pop out ( quad loaded toaster ).

Then Stinky grabs the slices and soaks them in the cement dish. The cement toast then can be burned in the wood burner and used for decoration floor tiling - Toaster tiles !

image.thumb.png.e22ccf2e94ac716c35c30f85297fb1ad.png Cement Toast soaking and processing

On 10/6/2021 at 6:50 PM, Smife said:

Cuisinart CPT-180, gets the job done and it's a 4 slicer btw.

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1 hour ago, Sasza22 said:

Is this something you put in the fridge at your work when somebody keeps eating other people`s stuff there just to make him lose his teeth?

Cement toast is a specialty in dupe land, it tastes best taken out of the fridge at 9° Celsius and when its licked very slooooowly ...by rolling the tongue gently across and along the dusty surface, in a "C" formation pattern.

Reason: The cement dust particles then touch the maximum tongue sensory area.


image.png.743ef1956b042be799608cbe5c76099a.png Dupe preparing the "C" lick formation, for maximum cement toast enjoyment

Cement toast "Marmite" style, WET Cookie Dough Flavor (Copyright by CEMENTOS)

image.png.e76d31d45ee3e9d1c07fa40b41040f6b.pngimage.thumb.png.4be1b0bc5972d2eb6857ce6d4f67fc7d.png The cemetary frog

image.png.56e2c93de19b7cc9df4e8e04b2bcef04.png Cemented muffin - New recipe ! image.thumb.png.0015b81f103b818cc7d3afc93e051324.png

The cement tombstones in the game get a regular licking by the cement addicted Lement Cemurs, they excrete Cement Salt

image.png.96d3a8756f390b9a7a094d9f588dcd7e.pngimage.png.545d1a561aa1a6e61c1ca1b5b515883f.png Various stages of Cement Fungus

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