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[Game Update] - 475914

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Here's an image with every boss (excluding Crab King) that can't destroy or go through the Knobbly Tree Nut in case you're curious


Note how these bosses also can't destroy statues so it might help you. For example, trapping a Moose/Goose Nest to not bother you.

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4 hours ago, Zepp said:

Just like Thanos snapped his fingers. There's nothing left.:spidercowers:


At least it should drop some Grass, Twigs, and maybe a regular Seed - at least then, if your magical griefer popping in to say "FU" "Hi!", or your typical Wilson with his trusty Hammer, all won't be just a Thanos meme for one's effort of carrying the damn thing.

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7 hours ago, zarklord_klei said:

Improved the performance of the waterlogged biome when bloom is on.

Really? Are you absolutely sure about that one? :>

Cause performance on my end with Bloom on in the new bome is still the same 30 fps regardless of zoom or other graphical settings (like canopy shadows , texture quality etc)

Bloom off = 60 fps when at like 50% zoom in.

(Reminder. Only this biome has problems rest of the game even in mega bases works smooth)

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On 8/25/2021 at 6:24 PM, zarklord_klei said:

Fixed a bug sometimes causing the player to embark past a boat and into the ocean when lag occurred

Too many times, too many times. Gonna miss the animation of the characters jumping happily into the ocean to immediately drown though.

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