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Hell Architect. Some sort of bootleg taken from OnI?

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Alright so...ahem. What I may say, may not be the most positive of topics since it involves a game outside of Klei Entertainment but still has one game in particular that piked some doubts, due to the many similarities between the two games.

I love playing Oxygen not Included, I have spent over 1000 hours on this game even if I am far from being the best at planning buildings and rooms and other contraptions. I often get my games from Steam as well 'cause almost everyone uses this platform (and it's also the only platform that lets people play TF2).

Everytime I launch my computer, I launch Steam with it, I get welcomed by its main page being the Shop...and then there's this one game that never stopped from showing up in the "popular and recommended" list that was called..."Hell Architect". So because it kept showing up again and again and again, I decided to take a closer look at this game by checking out its page, and when I saw the gameplay, I told myself "Wait...this is like Oxygen not Included. No, it IS Oxygen not Included!".

I'm sure that I'm not dreaming, and that everyone here can agree that this game is a pseudo-copy of Klei's Oxygen not Included. There's way too many mechanics that look similar to Klei's game, between the mobility of the characters, the construction of buildings, the needs of the characters, the creation of meals, etc...but I'll be honest though, I haven't looked up everything, but from the little that I saw, there's far way too many things that look like they were taken from OnI.

Edit: I may have to warn you that I'm not asking you to go threat the devs of Hell Architect or even badmouth them or the game directly in their social medias/shop/Steam page, etc... Even if what they did isn't very honest, the only best way to prevent Hell Architect from growing in popularity is to avoid buying it and to incite people into getting Oxygen not Included instead if possible, not to add drama.

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Hell *** *** is a title inspired by games such as Dungeon Keeper, Oxygen Not Included and Prison Architect but does everything in its own, hellish style.
Apparently there is this thread on Reddit
Very sad to see steam promoting this kind of "games". There is this saying that you know you achieveved success when others start to copy you.
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There is this saying that you know you achieveved success when others start to copy you.

Exactly, that's the problem. You do a game that people enjoy, and then you see that another game appeared later on out of nowhere with ideas stolen from you, all you can think of is that they're trying to steal your game's popularity.

From what I've heard, Hell Architect is made by Woodland Games, which apparently is also owned by PlayWay, which as some may know, is a publisher that has published a ton of games in a short period of time...and they're not usually of the highest quality. To sum up, they value quantity over quality, which is no wonder why the popularity of Hell Architect is subpar right now, or "average" as what Steam says.


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Guess I'll be the first one to point out the near obvious that requires just a little bit of thought to grasp. Same as many here, I don't know much about the Hell Architect game nor do I care for it. The only real thing you would have to worry about is whether they copied code base from ONI to make their game, which can have legal repercussions. But if all they did was carbon-copy the gameplay but did the code base entirely themselves from scratch, there is no case here, especially considering that while much more sub-par than ONI it obviously has its own artistic direction and many things that differentiate it from the game.

There are not many games that even come close to the way ONI is played, so it's understandable if you come to think of it as just copying a game at first glance. But remember that just because ONI seemingly created a gameplay genre of its own doesn't mean Klei automatically gets a monopoly over all the set of mechanic combination. There are many first person shooters, horror games, survival games, puzzle games etc that play off extremely similarly to one another in gameplay. Are you going to argue that the originator of a gameplay type automatically should dictate how everyone else makes their games? Need I really remind you that the very idea of a company being able to monopolise a gameplay style is inherently a bad idea?

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2 minutes ago, ZombieDupe said:

The only real thing you would have to worry about is whether they copied code base from ONI to make their game,


devs not need copy, they know how to develop self the games. ideas can be borrowed yes, but thats done with all games

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