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39 minutes ago, yoyo13 said:

if u want troll go irl, thanks

Personally i would greatly prefer that trolls stay contained safely on the internet.

That said i don't think the above post was trolling, just humour.

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On 7/31/2021 at 6:39 AM, yoyo13 said:

Does anyone know the red zone ? (i have 400 pacu atm and i'am worry)

Depends entirely on... a lot of things.

One tile or swimming around? Any items reachable by the pacu? Modern computer or soviet toaster?

There won't be a "red zone". The more your game slows down, the fewer AI calls will you get per second. You'll notice critters taking years to notice dupe clapping at grooming station, failing to escape drowning, starving while surrounded by food, standing mid-air like in old cartoons after you remove ground under them.

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no game limits but your computer limitations.

I had three fish ponds (on three different asteroids) and each had about 500 fishes. All ponds were big (not one tile) plus breeding ponds. 

I did not notice any lag at all.

And plus 700 other creatures....


a standard i7 processor

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