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[BUG]Nurse Spider has lost its sounds(webby whistle too)

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Okay! I would like to report a problem that has been in the game for a while, but apparently no one has noticed it and it has not taken importance, but it is already being something sad and honestly looks "incomplete" or "unfinished" stuff. It refers to 2 elements of the webber rework, the nurse spider and the webby whistle, I still remember that in the first days there was no problem with these in addition to the fact that certain things were corrected with small updates, but in one of them, The nurse spider literally lost all its sounds, absolutely all, now it is mute, I do not know what will have happened within the code but it is really sad at least for me to know how before they had their characteristic voice and now they do not produce noise at all, not even when walking... at first I thought it could be a problem with my game or with my mods, but I uninstalled all my mods and even uninstalled and reinstalled the game and the error persists, this error also goes hand in hand with another from the webby whistle, in that same update, for some reason the whistle stopped having its sound that had been given in the beginning and instead one of it, it has one of the weregoose sounds, it seems that the developers have forgotten about this, I hope it is not like that and they can fix it soon.
I miss the purrrrs of my sleeping nurses...

Steps to Reproduce:
-Find Spider Queen.
-Befriend nurse spiders.
-Keep them with you, you will notice how they have no sound, even when walking.(for the webby whistle, you just have to use it, and you will notice the wrong sound when doing it)

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I recently used both nurse spiders and the Webby whistle on the beta branch, and the sounds worked.

Either the devs are aware of the issue and fixed it, it’s an issue with your client, or it’s your mods.


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