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How do you build your door locks, air locks, moon pools ?

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In terms of inefficiency, I am inefficient on small design space since I crude oil lock almost everything, since what most people's designs made seems to be a set and forget designs, I like free access to go back in without fears of elements mixing so later I can adjust/improve almost everything I make since I prefer ingame testing rather than sandbox testing, I double liquid lock majority of specific element chambers too for heatlocks

Steam chamber? double liquid lock it with crude oil on the side with the hot chamber (Outside chamber can be any other liquid ).

High pressure liquid/gas chamber? crude oil liquid lock it

Got a ocean on your map but want access to the oil biome without building some dedicated tunnel? build a crude oil liquid lock, of cause the walls might have to reinforced with manuel doors or bunker tiles to avoid pressure damage but it can be very effective.

(The picture is a more efficient redesign of a previous crude oil ocean liquid lock I had)

Screenshot (179).png

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