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  1. "Cpy" answers your question in the simplest form, as for implementing directly, Start with a series of ladders and work from the top going down, the only thing that requires a tile being built first before it can be made is the aquatuners and the supercoolant mesh tile in the bottom middle however that can be done from the side when you get to that point. The design itself is visually the same as the picture, the liquid piping is pretty much the same as Nurdrage's design with most other key information taken from his design too, as for the conveyor rails Havok has a picture towards the bottom of the forum thread titled "Conveyors. Bad conveyor lines." with some insight on coveyor temperatures in the same post.
  2. Everything is answered in the quote that you quoted me, I won't repeat myself. If you can't see the answer then you can't see the answer. I have no intention of continuing to discuss with you since it is the same thing but with different words which aligns it to trolling and I have no desire to be part of that..
  3. I believe your looking at the reasoning incorrectly, the purpose of the design is precision efficiency on a large scale, while timers and other automation can fullfil the casual players desires on casual game play precision, it still lacks accuracy for a precision design on a higher level for those with the desire for a higher sense of game play. Its like a person her buys a second hand normal car verses a person who buys a fuel efficient sports car. they both drive you from "A" to "B" but the fuel efficient sports car is both fast and more fuel efficient while being a little more expensive on the initial cost while the second hand car is cheaper initially but it's long term usage turns a loss overall over time. It's not about everything being in a condition of fully automated without duplicant interaction, it's about fully automating those things that can be automated. from doors for duplicant movements, eggs availability in drowning stations or incubators, and how many critters in each stable at any given time, etc etc. Whether someone plays on a accuracy or plays on a "accumulate until infinity" or plays fast or plays slow, is each players opinion and has nothing to do with you with the exception for yourself.
  4. It's provided some insight for me, thanks for the explanation
  5. Wait for the day when you get 4 really really negative traits and minimal good traits
  6. Turn off all food entirely, if he survives 3 cycles, he can have some pickled meal....... If I feel like it.
  7. makes more sense now, I will consider the design, I'v been thinking of how to incorperate pokeshells into my base outside of the shells they produce.
  8. This kinda reminds be of the signal Distributor, is there any similarities or am I just confusing something? I am extremely computer illiterate in terms of advanced [insert official name of RL automation designation], I am asking because to a illiterate like myself sometimes things might look similar but they are actually different when you get down to the nitty gritty.
  9. The game has certain "requirements" for certain tasks to be completed in order for a action for a task to be initiated, I think in this case it might be a bug since it's considered disallowed. On the other hand I can't be too sure because other parts of the game follow a simliar "requirement" checklist in order to work. An example is a construction tile over a solid digable tile can't be dug up if the duplicant has the construction priority disabled.. Even tho the game counts it as two separate tasks (In most cases), the construction priority needs to be active to complete the dig leading to the construction there after. I don't know if it's a bug or a intended game mechanic, In some cases I don't mind it being designated to construction only because having multiple duplicants working on one tasks is a waste of time from my option (I generally have supply set to double low arrows with some exceptions since multiple duplicants supplying before another duplicant construction makes me wonder the logic sometimes.)
  10. Is OP's design for using pokeshells as a kill chamber for other critters? not for killing themselves. I feel like a idiot now that I look at it again
  11. My personal design is by throwing the pokeshells into a door and forgetting them, they can't attack you unless you run thru the door. They won't run around so it reduces lag, add a sweeper and you can throw the eggs straight into a incubator (Even tho there is a timer on mine I set it to red at all times and simply let them birth thru normal incubation time.
  12. From your picture, your bubbles is doing the supply task but not the construction task but she will usually only supply reaching 2-4 tiles in a left and right direction and up to 2 tiles above her head (4 tiles if you count her head and feet), since those tiles on the picture is 5 tiles high (from her feet), it is 1 tile too far for her to reach. You can generally check if they have completed the supply by clicking on status and at the bottom should have materials (If there is no materials, the errand tab should have nothing or a unreachable task on it),.