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What minor stuff from SW/HAM would you want in DST?

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Roodmas    164
On 7/20/2021 at 9:03 AM, Ohan said:

Idk if this can be considered minor but I would love a mob with Doydoy mating/reproduction mechanics. I absolutely love doydoys they were always my first priority in SW :lol:.

THIS. Doydoys are my favorite things in all DS. It's a really fun and unique quest to create a reserve for an endangered species, and now that we have islands in DST, we should have it here, too.

If you think about it... wouldn't Glommer be a good candidate for this? It's very similar to Doydoys in the sense that it's rare and killing it raises your naughtiness a lot. Why not have an island where you can find Glommer's mate, and they can start their own Glommer family?

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QuartzBeam    5511
On 7/21/2021 at 3:42 AM, Mike23Ua said:

Then why can’t Klei simply say that when the moon broke and fell into DST’s oceans that it also hit and brought down a chunk of Hamlets island with it?

I don't know how to tell you this, Mike, but, uh, I don't think the city, or the pigs for that matter, would survive that...


On 7/21/2021 at 7:37 PM, JaxckLl said:

The other way to do things, which honestly I feel would work better overall, would be to add a third world to DST, the Tropics

Oh, yes, that would work mighty fine...

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