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Ah yes the hydro cactus, an addition or something like that, it's a cool concept but not very well known, ¿do you even know about the existence of this plant? well it does exists.

I wanted to recommend something and change the mechanic of this plant, first the water filtration, i know diversity is a good thing but water filtration is good enough already (i think), change it so it consumes water, 5 Kg or more per cycle, i mean there are tons and tons of water in all clusters together *looks at the water geysers and water moonlet* let it consume carbon dioxide which doesn't really have that much use and produce a bulbous fruit and a chance of getting more seeds, let's make it interesting when harvested it will show an animation of the blue bulb in the cactus launching upwards, like the cork in a bottle (what the exploding cucumber does in really life, when it accumulates water creating enough pressure to launch it's seeds to reproduce), other than that the harvest its like any other plant. 

The hydro cactus would harm any critter or dupe without a suit, giving an alternative to drowning those sweet faces. the bulbous fruit would be used in an apothecary (yes i remember its name and function) with balm lily flower to produce green supplement, it's not food, dupes can eat it and get an attribute for 2 cycles, ¿what attribute? you can give a suggestion bellow and how many points, the bulbous fruit could also be cooked with plant meat and lettuce to make a meat salad, the questions about this salad fills a dupes stomach.

recommend the quantity of water per cycle and how many cycles does it takes to grow in the wild and domestic states.

thank you for reading.

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I heard of the Hydro Cacti ! - A really good forum member wrote about them. I laughed so hard that the coffee splashed everywhere :lol:

...But I have never seen any Hydro Cacti. Where can they be found if I may ask :confused::confused::confused: @blueberry pi @sakura_sk :rolleyes:

I read about the water, I love water...It took a while with the world generator to balance my water needs with the other geysers diced out for my Terra dlc classic map. More water to be discovered is always welcome. Can the Hydro Cacti be found on some water asteroid/moonlet :confused: If I could name a road, I would call it Hydro Cacti Avenue :p Will give my next rocket that name. So thirsty...

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On 7/18/2021 at 10:34 PM, sakura_sk said:

Nowhere at the moment. Only in sandbox.

You gave me the inspiration to make a new friend today, he is now standing at my ONi PC.

His name is Cacti :p:fox::lemo:


I saw him in the super market today and I thought "Oh, sakura_sk ! So cute...". He enjoyed a speedy trip in the super market trolley, whizzing around slalom between all the dupes. :beguiled:


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