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Does anyone know where Warly's graphic files are in DST?

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So I'm trying to extract Warly's sprites from DST. Only problem is, I cannot find him anywhere in the game's files. They're present in Shipwrecked's files, so why not DST? The only sprites of his I can find are his idle air whiff animation (just the air part though), Portable Crock Pot and Chef Pouch.

Also, I know DST isn't just somehow borrowing assets from singleplayer because every other character that is present in both DS and DST have files in each game. The assets are even slightly different between each game. And I know the same goes for Warly. So I don't understand why he's nowhere in the anim .zip. I have searched for "warly", "wastien", "cook", basically anything that one would even think would relate to Warly. No dice, and it's becoming rather frustrating.

Thanks in advance!

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You can find the files in data/anim/dynamic, but as they are in the dyn format, the devs don't want these to become public. 

Edit: I just saw that some of these dyn files are not encrypted, for example the warly.dyn. Name it to warly.zip, extract it and you get the atlas-0.tex of warly which you can open with textools.

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