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  1. Here ya go! Hopefully that works!
  2. I've gotten help with scripting brand new music events, yes, such as full moon, insanity for every phase of the day, and more. I've made so many I can't even begin to explain, hahah. I've made Mario games, Kirby games, Sonic, Spyro, Hylics, Mega Man, and so many others. If I'm allowed I could post a link to my workshop? Just for the sake of helping your research, not to show off.
  3. I forgot about this when I submitted my vote but I also have an entire library of music mods, so under types of mods I make would also be Other as well as character mods.
  4. Yep, you were right; that was the problem! NOW that should be it for issues from me, for now. Thank you again!!
  5. Somewhat good news at least, adding the "_none" skin strings fixed 2 of those issues: So now all that's left is the golden name and big portrait. I'm rather baffled at that because it worked prior to me changing stuff to accommodate for the API update... and I didn't change anything regarding either of those (except for the Hallowed Nights portrait filenames).
  6. D'oh! I guess it would help to load the graphics of the ghost... There he goes! Thank you so much for your help!! I'll be sure to let you know when my mod's done! EDIT: Oh. I just loaded into the world and... He's not showing up and the gold name isn't appearing.
  7. Thank you! Yeah, my logs tend to be unhelpful a lot of the time, for some reason. So I tried it again, with no mods other than Modded Skins API and K_K, and I got a "ran out of memory and must shut down" crash... Which doesn't make sense given the fact that I can run servers with 19 mods... That's probably an issue with my PC, though. I think the super-final thing now is that default K_K's ghost doesn't show up on the character select screen (but his alternate skin's ghost does):
  8. Ohhh, I forgot about the .SCML files! Alrighty, I renamed those and recompiled everything, but the game still crashes... I'll just send my whole folder, if that's more helpful. And more logs, just in case: master_server_log.txt client_log.txt
  9. Sure! local prefabs = {} table.insert(prefabs, CreatePrefabSkin("kk_none", { assets = { Asset("ANIM", "anim/"), }, skins = { normal_skin = "kk", ghost_skin = "ghost_kk", }, base_prefab = "kk", build_name_override = "kk", type = "base", rarity = "Character", skin_tags = { "BASE", "kk"}, })) table.insert(prefabs, CreatePrefabSkin("ms_kk_hallowed", { assets = { Asset("ANIM", "anim/"), Asset("ANIM", "anim/"), }, skins = { normal_skin = "ms_kk_hallowed", ghost_skin = "ghost_kk_hallowed", }, base_prefab = "kk", build_name_override = "ms_kk_hallowed", torso_untuck_builds = { "ms_kk_hallowed", }, type = "base", rarity = "ModMade", skin_tags = { "BASE", "kk", "HALLOWED"}, })) return unpack(prefabs) This is the entirety of my "_none" script file.
  10. Ahh, thank you! I think the only problem I'm having now is with filenames not matching. I'm getting dedicated server failed to start errors that tell me it "can't find 'kk_ghost' in any of the search paths," for example. And just to see if it'd work, I even manually renamed my .ZIP builds like this, to match your code in the OP: ...With the "ms_" prefacing the alternate skin for my character. Only trouble is in doing that, the autocompiler tries to remake the ANIM builds and have them have "_build" appended to the names, just as the ESC mod tends to do. (The game also crashes upon trying to launch a server once I do this) Here is another log, I didn't see anything obvious in it, but hopefully it helps. Also hopefully that all makes sense, and sorry about the trouble! master_server_log.txt client_log.txt
  11. Thank you! I understand, you gotta do what you gotta do for the better! But uh, having said that, I now have an actual problem with loading my mod: Dedicated server failed to start error, and according to the log here, it says I'm trying to "skin something official", and to "contact Hornet". Weird. master_server_log.txt EDIT: Also, when I try to launch a server without Modded Skins API, I get this error: "[00:00:02]: [string "scripts/mainfunctions.lua"]:1485: variable 'global_error_widget' is not declared", not sure if that's related or not, though. Also, forgot to add my actual "_none" file, heh. kk_none.lua
  12. Sorry if I missed something simple somewhere, but I don't know what do here... ^^; Do I take the files from your new API mod and insert them into my mod, and if I do, where do I put the skin prefab code you provided here in the thread? Should that go in its own file or should I make a new skins_api file in my mod? I just found that part of the process to be a bit unclear. :P
  13. @Ghost_starved Here's a working example straight from one of my own mod characters (K_K)' speech lua file. That is where it typically should go. PLAYER = { GENERIC = "Hey, %s!", ATTACKER = "What are you doing, %s?!", MURDERER = "Wh-Why are you doing this...?", REVIVER = "%s! You just saved my life! Thank you!", GHOST = "Don't worry, %s! I'll save you!", FIRESTARTER = "You shouldn't play with fire, %s! Even I know that!", }, KK = { GENERIC = "*Gasp* It's me! Hello, me!", ATTACKER = "M-Maybe I'm still following Sweet's direction...?", MURDERER = "I've gone way too far!! Stop it, %s!!", REVIVER = "Thank you, me! ...Um, thank me?", GHOST = "Oh gosh, what'd I get myself into to end up like that?", FIRESTARTER = "I don't think that was a very \"me\" thing to do.", }, "PLAYER" is the generic set of responses that your character will have for ANY character not specified in your speech file. Place the code for any custom character responses here, immediately below the "PLAYER" responses like I have. As you can see, K_K has generic responses, and he also is examining a player playing as himself right below that. If you like, copy this code (at least down from the "KK" portion) and replace all that with your own stuff. "KK" being the prefab name of who you're inspecting (so basically the character's name in the actual files). Hope that helps and good luck! ...Just realized after writing this all up that this is an old post from last year. I hope OP sees this, lol.
  14. Sorry, my issue has been resolved thanks to -t- ! It was my own dumb mistake of accidentally replacing the default _none's anim .ZIP with the Hallowed Nights one. That is why only certain pieces of the alternate skin showed up. Sorry for the useless post!
  15. Hey Hornete! I'm back to bug you! I impromptu decided to make a skin for my K_K mod, and after EVEN MORE trial and error, I got it to work without crashing the game... but now he's taken over as the default (which is eerily similar to the comic he's based off of hehe). You can probably tell that the character icon and the portrait do not look the same, hahah. On the bright side, everything works when I select the actual Hallowed Nights SWAP_ICON, but the default skin just doesn't show up. I'm just gonna upload my whole mod folder because at this point I have no idea where I could have messed up, if that's okay. Thank you for the tutorial!