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  1. Hopefully the title makes sense. What I'm trying to do with my mod character is make it so he breaks tools faster but he chops trees, mines rocks etc. faster as well because he is very strong and easily breaks man-made and organic materials. I took code from Wigfrid's durability Battlesong and tried to modify it to make it so that tools broke faster but trees fell and rocks broke with like half the uses, however I am getting crashes, the most recent crash being this: Now I understand that the "weapon" component isn't going to work, but I don't know what to change to make it work. The most recent crash happens when I unequip a tool, oddly. Plus I am not even getting the effect I want. Here is the code I currently have as well as my character's .lua file attached. local GARAMONDE_DURABILITY_MOD = 0.8 inst:ListenForEvent("equip", function(data) if data.eslot == EQUIPSLOTS.HANDS then inst.components.weapon.attackwearmultipliers:SetModifier(inst, TUNING.GARAMONDE_DURABILITY_MOD) end end) inst:ListenForEvent("unequip", function(target, data) if data.eslot == EQUIPSLOTS.HANDS then inst.components.weapon.attackwearmultipliers:RemoveModifier(inst, TUNING.GARAMONDE_DURABILITY_MOD) end end) Thanks in advance! garamonde.lua
  2. Is the world settings menus and by extension, mod menu running REALLY slowly and lagging for anyone else?
  3. Yes, I used this font code and my mod crashes the game upon world regen, which is a big problem because me and a friend I play with regenerate our worlds all the time. I reeeally hope someone comes up with a cleaner solution! Also, inserting that "hacky" code (and changing all the names to my character of course) gained this crash upon trying to create a new world: @Cunning fox
  4. I'm still learning lua so I'm struggling to understand how to do this. How do I extend the eater component and how do I tell it to check for meat food specifically? I tried a few different ways but they all led to a crash that doesn't really inform me of how to fix it. Also, by healthabsorption are you referring to this portion here? local function OnEat(inst, food) if food and food.components.edible and not food.components.edible.foodtype == "meat" then else end end Sorry if this seems kind of obvious, I am trying very hard to learn and I've barely ever touched code in my life so I'm getting stuck on such small things as spacing, what words/symbols I can use and how it all ties together. Thank you for your response though!
  5. So I have an issue I ran into when someone was helping me make it so all non-meat food causes damage to my character; we have achieved this, but now we're stuck with the issue of that same non-meat food also healing them at the same time. So, say my character eats petals, he will take 5 damage but also heal 1 health at the same time. I want to remove the healing aspect for all non-meat food, but keep the sanity healing intact. I have attached my character's .lua, I hope that is enough. If not, let me know and I will attach the entire mod's folder. Thanks! garamonde.lua
  6. Hello, does that Claim Reward button work even if you haven't followed on all 3 platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)? I didn't have an Instagram account before so I never followed you guys there and was wondering if it was just a bug because I have now followed on all 3 and it's not adding points. Thanks!.
  7. I found a somewhat new bug where Wendy's forearms/wrists default to her normal skinny ones and ignore any width or coloration of the clothes she is wearing. Example:
  8. Hey, it's me again... Similar issue as with his arms but this time it's just his hands. When he salutes, his hand appears splayed open and is positioned differently instead of how it's supposed to look. It also seems to happen irregardless of character skin. Example: Walter wearing Daisy Bracelets: ...VS. him wearing Caroler's Gloves: I've compiled a list of which items cause his hand to change (anything with a "?" means I'm not sure if they are supposed to be posed differently like that or can even be fixed). They are as follows: Daisy Bracelets Homebody Handrings Woodcarved Hands El Tigre Cub's Mitts Fixer's Gloves Midori Roboto Hands (unsure if this one's incorrect or not, the hand's positioning is different like with Daisy Bracelets) Dainty Fins (same as Daisy Bracelets/Midori Roboto Hands) Deep Sea Claws (?) Candy-Striped Gloves Mad Lab Gloves Straw Tufts (can't tell with this one) Unfinished Robot Hands Vampiric Gloves Hockey Mitts Sugar Rose Gloves Hedgerose Fingers (?) Hollow Hands (?) Oasis Bound Hands Forlorn Doll Sleeves All of the Buckled Gloves All of the Driving Gloves All of the Hand Covers All of the Long Gloves All of the Unprotective Gloves Forest Fawn Paws Grimy Goblin Grapplers Minotaur Mitts Voxola Safety Gloves Giant's Gloves Ultimate Performer's Gloves Fissure's Gloves Furnace Gloves Hot Rod's Driving Gloves Incombustible's Claws (?) Obsidian's Gloves Surtr's Talons Volcanologist's Gloves Welder's Gloves Aristocrat's Fine Gloves Aristocrat's Haughty Sleeves Blacksmith's Gloves Diving Gauntlets Mourning Gloves Physician's Gloves Pugilist's Gloves Schoolboy Cuffs (?) Street Peddler's Gloves Trader's Cuffs Tragedienne Gloves Dryad's Handwraps Fauvist's Gloves Muddy Gardening Gloves Orchardist's Bangles Timber Golem Hands (?) Aged Frost Gloves Hoarfrost Gloves Ice Floe Sapphires Snowchild Gloves Alchemist's Handwraps Battlemaster's Gauntlets Berserker's Hand Paint Brawler's Knucklewraps Cast Iron Fists Duelist's Hand Covers Fiend's Claws (?) Metallurgist's Handwraps Smelter's Gloves Striking Gloves Tuxedo Gloves Hand/Arms items that make his hand appear normally: Caroler's Gloves Ice Warrior's Bracers Jolly Elf Gloves Winter Warden Wraps Lover's Gloves Phoenix's Arms Pyrestarter's Bracelets Sooty Sweep's Mitts Grove Sentinel Wristbands Coldfire Tufts Fighter's Bracers Forging Bracers Usurper's Handwraps I think that's everything... Sorry for the long post and I hope it's helpful!
  9. I found a visual error where Walter's upper arms disappear when equipping "Ultimate Performer's Gloves" while wearing his "Dress Shirt and Sash". I'm not sure if it happens with any other arm items, but this only seems to happen with his Guest of Honor body skin. Thanks in advance!
  10. Hello, I am having problems with generating new worlds, with or without mods (including client ones). I have tried restarting the game, my computer, validating integrity of game files, and even re-installing the game, but it still remains stuck infinitely. The game will however let me start up already-created worlds and otherwise functions normally. EDIT: I found out it was caused by API Gemcore. I don't know how to delete this thread, so sorry for the spam!
  11. Wow, some people are just never happy. I appreciate not having to be close to death because some people who have lag, like me, cannot properly kite and will die (and don't say get better internet, not applicable when playing online), so in that case Wendy and Abigail do not end up working as a team as Scott said. Some of you are so ungrateful and entitled, jeez.
  12. I hope it's Wendy, Abigail's needed some tweaking for a long time now!