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I`m ok with the nuclear research setup. It`s pretty easy to do on just wheezeworts. But i don`t like that it just needs 5 units for the early researches. It gets done instantly. If it was 30-40 units it would still be done quite fast but would make you think about a more efficient radbolt generator.

With the new mutated plants we could use a rad lamp that is powered by radbolts (blaanced in a way it can`t power itself).

As for space research it feels odd. Hanging in orbit with tons of plastic is pretty boring. IMO it should require you to change hexes to continue research. A researched hex wouldn`t produce more research or do it at a very slow rate. Actually i think that instead of research it the station should produce data banks that need further research at the virtual planetarium. Then researched hexes would provide a speed bonus for rockets.

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nuclear research setup can be as simple as just one station at surface and one radbolt generator. 

I did setup like that and did researched everything including the last monument research (required 300 nuclear points). I did not even do any cooling for the generator. When it became too hot, I just destroyed it and built a new one (probably did it three-four times through the whole research). 

I did not use atmosuits or led suits for the researcher. 

I like Sasza22 ideas about orbital research changes. 

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