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  1. Just bumping this up. Playing with increased hunger, stress vomiters basically always die once they reach high stress, which seems excessive.
  2. Thanks for the tip, I'll try to re-build and re-load and all that. I fully agree that rocketry is still janky. It's unfortunate because 80% of the Spaced Out rocketry system is amazingly fun, but the remaining 20% are _so_ frustrating they almost eat the former 80% up with their little idiosyncracies. There's just no way having rocketry be hands-off, even after painstakingly setting up sophisticated spacefarer modules and automation. Some additional points to your excellent list: All rocket engines should have the full set of automation outputs (fully loaded is only available for engines with integrated fuel as far as I can see, notably hydrogen-rockets do not have that option) All rocket modules that can carry any sort of cargo should have automation ports to a) enable/disable loading and unloading and b) see if the module is full or not The automation port "ready for launch" should not include pilot & crew boarded. Instead, it should work just like the manual launch: Crew & Pilot will board the rocket once the "launch rocket" signal is being given The "crew" and "all" options need tweaking, there needs to be an option that only allows crew in without locking them inside More buildings need to have grounded controls, notably suit checkpoints Rockets should be able to plug into the power grid without the need for a battery module as an interface, why not just have a power connection at the engine? Door access settings should be available for the Interior Hatch of rockets Rockets need to be re-nameable
  3. I have a rocket that is set to do return trips to a space POI. When I use automation to control it's launching, all connected platforms deactivate the "Start launch sequence" button and switch to "Automation controlled".
  4. I have two Beetinies on the arbor asteroid, and they are age 1 and 2 since about 100 cycles now.
  5. Always good to have a workaround, thank you for the effort to investigate!
  6. I have a liquid reservoir that I fill with 1kg packets off a main pipe. The reservoir is now 100% full, but it still accepts the 1kg packets, effectively deleting them. Save attached, it is the reservoir in the top left of the map at the petroleum boiler. The Subterranean Spacerock.sav
  7. +1. They also have disappeared if you had built them, so if you were using any of the meters, this patch will break your base.
  8. I had a single-tile of about 11 tons of igneous rock from stacking a whole bunch of hot material in a single, enclosed tile to cool it down. The igneous rock seems to have melted and re-condensed, which is odd, since none of the materials were hot enough to do that. However, the real issue is this: Upon reloading the game, three massive tiles (25tons, 8tons, 25tons) of igneous rock appeared above the insulated layer around that one tile: I suspect that all the igneous rock debris that was buried in the solid tile has been pushed up, or something along those lines. This happened right on reload, save attached. The Subterranean Spacerock.sav
  9. +1, I now have two saves that crash to this reliably.
  10. +1, same thing happened to me in my game: I cannot see any surface tiles, and thus cannot land the rover. Save file attached. Roidwalkers Explore.sav
  11. I want auto-sweepers to only load 1000kg packages into conveyor loaders, so I used a timer sensor to activate the sweeper for 5 seconds, then deactivate it for 90 seconds - enough time for the conveyor loader to empty out. However, the auto-sweeper preserves its errand throughout the deactivation. This is what happens: Conveyor Loader is empty. Auto-Sweeper is activated Errand to load 1000kg into empty loader is executed Conveyor Loader unloads it's first 20 kg package onto the rail Auto-Sweeper wants to re-fill, but gets deactivated by the timer Conveyor Loader unloads fully Auto-Sweeper is activated Auto-Sweeper continues it's preserved task and loads 20kg into the conveyor loader Auto-Sweeper is deactivated Not sure if this is technically a bug, but it sure is unexpected/illogical behaviour, so I'll leave it here. Workaround for now: Allowing the auto-sweeper to be active for 2 errands (10 seconds), gets the desired result
  12. "New and notable features", 3rd bullet point from the bottom, literally says "Added a Solid Filter building for Conveyor Rails"
  13. Sorry to interrupt the all-important date discussion with a silly computer game, buuut has anyone found out if we can export/externally access the timelapses? I'll be damned, just after posting I stumble upon them -.- If anyone's looking: It's user/documents/klei/oxygennotincluded/Retiredcolonies. There's a folder for every savegame containing the screenshots of every cycle