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  1. I have a liquid reservoir that I fill with 1kg packets off a main pipe. The reservoir is now 100% full, but it still accepts the 1kg packets, effectively deleting them. Save attached, it is the reservoir in the top left of the map at the petroleum boiler. The Subterranean Spacerock.sav
  2. There's a lot of uproar about the recent changes to food preservation. I'm gonna try to outline why I feel the players are upset, and why I think Klei still fiddles with food. Also, I'll propose a rough and raw idea on how to make food actually interesting. The players' perspective Food is tricky. We would love to automate it, but there really isn't much we can do to do so. There are essentially two ways to get food: Farms and Ranches. With farms, we can come up with workarounds to make them "toggleable". Ranches, on the other hand, are a relatively hard buy-in, even requiring very specialized duplicants that barely improve and barely get around to doing anything else. Food also is the only aspect where something you invest into can just vanish. It's punishing to not preserve food, so it's also punishing to over-produce food. So we are at a point where we collect, inevitably, too many cooking ingredients. And because we hate to let them go bad, we build infinite food storages. And because there is a way to infinitely preserve edibles, we just cook up those ingredients and store the processed foods instead. Not because we want to. Because we have to, or we loose all our investment. Klei's perspective ONI is a game of complexity. That is what makes it awesome, and that is what keeps the players fiddling. Food should be, like Oxygen, an interesting resource that we need to manage. Currently, it's just about setting up infinite storage and be done with it forever. That is not interesting. Not to the players, not to Klei. The effort here is to take something that has a singular solution and feels like a chore, and turn it into an interesting challenge that fosters diverse, creative solutions. So Klei is at a point where they need infinite food storage as the one-stop-solution to go away, and nudge players into making use of more of the game's toolset. The current state As of this point, as players it feels like we get the worst of both worlds: The supply chain for food stays at its unflexible same, while the storage of food becomes more complicated. On the other hand, the changes already sparked new ideas. Looking at solutions the the food storage, it's great to see that the barely utilized Thermal Regulator finds use. People have different approaches and priorities, and food storage is becoming a creative aspect of the game. All that being said, food is, at this point, a storage problem for a perishable resource. As such it feels punishing and inherently less interesting than a production problem; It's all stick, no carrot. A proposal to a more interesting food challenge There are two main things that I feel like would help to make food much more interesting: 1.) Production chain Currently, we have raw and processed food. Many times, both are edible, and mostly a matter of quality. What would be much more interesting than that, would be a situation where we have: a) raw ingredients that are mostly inedible and perishable c) edible dishes d) long-term preservation options with trade-offs Here's a possible example: Meal Lice, as the raw ingredient, only yields half the calories it does right now, and goes bad within 5 cycles. However, we can choose to do several things with that raw Meal Lice: Press it into Oil Mash it into Spices Preserve it in Oil or Brine, making it last 20x longer Turn it into a higher quality dish by adding Oil & Spices Different raw ingredients could enable us to make different qualities of Oil and Spices. Later game technologies could allow for better preservation methods (drying, vaccum packaging, glass jars, ...). Then there's the current, and obvious, question of freezing. I feel like the current state of requiring deep freeze and sterile atmosphere is actually fine, and makes a lot of sense. I also feel that we really need a deep freezer box. Early tech. Low power usage. Like the box we all have in our basement, filled with frozen goodies. They don't need much power, and offer A LOT of storage capacity, and it is weird that we would have inefficient fridges, but no freezers. At the same time, frozen food should not be edible, but require to be re-heated - requiring duplicant labor, but not a cook. Think microwave, or oven. Also, re-heating can lower the quality. Thus we would have a solution that enables long-term storage, but forces us to make certain trade-offs. Fresh food would still be desirable. 2.) Farming & Ranching The second aspect of food that feels a little lackluster is farming/ranching. I feel like both would benefit from having more diverse options to process their products. Farming could benefit from the above mentioned possibility to make oils and spices, and raw farming products could also be used as critter food, or maybe even biofuel. Ranches could yield more diverse ingredients than only meat. Maybe we can "milk" gassy moos, or get oil from slicksters. Last but not least, the automation aspect of food could really use an upgrade. First and foremost, the fridge - and deep freezer! - need to have automation ports like the liquid reservoir to allow us to start/stop food production at relevant points. And while farming feels pretty okay, Ranching should be somewhat toggle-able as in: Critters that are not "harvested" use much less food and need only be groomed half as much. Making it more interesting late-game, different foods could give different bonuses. Like a fitness-dish that gives +excavation/building, concentration food that gives +machinery, a dessert that makes duplicants require only half as much sleep, etc. pp., to actually reward a variety of foods. And that's all I have. These are just some initial ideas, and I'm sure they aren't perfect or specifically great. However, I feel like they outline that food still has a ton of potential to become a much more interesting mechanic.
  3. +1. They also have disappeared if you had built them, so if you were using any of the meters, this patch will break your base.
  4. I had a single-tile of about 11 tons of igneous rock from stacking a whole bunch of hot material in a single, enclosed tile to cool it down. The igneous rock seems to have melted and re-condensed, which is odd, since none of the materials were hot enough to do that. However, the real issue is this: Upon reloading the game, three massive tiles (25tons, 8tons, 25tons) of igneous rock appeared above the insulated layer around that one tile: I suspect that all the igneous rock debris that was buried in the solid tile has been pushed up, or something along those lines. This happened right on reload, save attached. The Subterranean Spacerock.sav
  5. +1, I now have two saves that crash to this reliably.
  6. So I just tried the current state of the DLC for a first playthrough. After 800 cycles, I feel like I have a solid impression. To start out on the most imporant note: The overwhelming majority of the new content is excellent. Space travel is significantly more fun than in the base game, and there's a whole lot of new tools that are just a joy to play with. Which leaves me to talk about the one oddity amongst the otherwise great new things: Radiation. The whole radiation-thing feels, at this point, very much shoehorned in. Most notably, the seemingly random requirement of nuclear research for absolutely essential technologies. This feels very weird. I set down the nuclear research station next to the shipwreck, did all research with it, and now there's no reason to use radiation at all. Why I should go through the trouble to build a research reactor setup, I have no idea. It would be one of those "I have nothing left to do, let me try this"-projects. Which is fine on its own, but then it shouldn't make the rest of the game more tedious. There are two things that I feel would require change to make the whole nuclear thing an interesting feature: More mid-game applications. The plant mutation thing seems to go that direction. Still, I feel it needs A LOT more small little things that we can do with it to make it actually interesting. Change research requirements. Maybe anything radiation gets their own little, optional, research groups. Most importantly, though: I feel like the arbitrary requirement of nuclear research for essentials such as solid transport and solar energy just needs to go. It makes no sense, and blocks off vital tools. As of now, it just makes the midgame-transition more tedious. It neither adds fun, nor makes things interesting. At the current stage, I think it'd be best to just remove the nuclear research requirements altogether. Throw everything radiation into its own research line, and let us choose to not choose it. If no one plays with it, then it might just not be interesting enough in its current state.
  7. +1, same thing happened to me in my game: I cannot see any surface tiles, and thus cannot land the rover. Save file attached. Roidwalkers Explore.sav
  8. I want auto-sweepers to only load 1000kg packages into conveyor loaders, so I used a timer sensor to activate the sweeper for 5 seconds, then deactivate it for 90 seconds - enough time for the conveyor loader to empty out. However, the auto-sweeper preserves its errand throughout the deactivation. This is what happens: Conveyor Loader is empty. Auto-Sweeper is activated Errand to load 1000kg into empty loader is executed Conveyor Loader unloads it's first 20 kg package onto the rail Auto-Sweeper wants to re-fill, but gets deactivated by the timer Conveyor Loader unloads fully Auto-Sweeper is activated Auto-Sweeper continues it's preserved task and loads 20kg into the conveyor loader Auto-Sweeper is deactivated Not sure if this is technically a bug, but it sure is unexpected/illogical behaviour, so I'll leave it here. Workaround for now: Allowing the auto-sweeper to be active for 2 errands (10 seconds), gets the desired result
  9. "New and notable features", 3rd bullet point from the bottom, literally says "Added a Solid Filter building for Conveyor Rails"
  10. Sorry to interrupt the all-important date discussion with a silly computer game, buuut has anyone found out if we can export/externally access the timelapses? I'll be damned, just after posting I stumble upon them -.- If anyone's looking: It's user/documents/klei/oxygennotincluded/Retiredcolonies. There's a folder for every savegame containing the screenshots of every cycle
  11. Amazing! I just finished reaching the temporal tear by fueling the hydrogen rocket with liquid hydrogen harvested from a gas giant, because my badlands map - and all celestial bodies - gave me no access to gold. Guess my next colony won't have THAT issue no more