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  1. "New and notable features", 3rd bullet point from the bottom, literally says "Added a Solid Filter building for Conveyor Rails"
  2. [Game Update] - 358267

    Sorry to interrupt the all-important date discussion with a silly computer game, buuut has anyone found out if we can export/externally access the timelapses? I'll be damned, just after posting I stumble upon them -.- If anyone's looking: It's user/documents/klei/oxygennotincluded/Retiredcolonies. There's a folder for every savegame containing the screenshots of every cycle
  3. [Game Update] - 357226

    Amazing! I just finished reaching the temporal tear by fueling the hydrogen rocket with liquid hydrogen harvested from a gas giant, because my badlands map - and all celestial bodies - gave me no access to gold. Guess my next colony won't have THAT issue no more
  4. [Game Update] - 355385

    Thanks! Appreciate the idea, though - it would be lovely practical sometimes. Maybe even optional, with a Shift-Modifier for "build over stuff", or something like that. Buuut I digress, thanks for the great game - this is so much fun, can't wait for full release & what's left to come! If Invisible Inc. and Don't Starve come to mind, we'll be playing a whole different ONI in a year from now <3 <3
  5. [Game Update] - 355385

    Ladders can't be built over Drywall anymore Drywall can't be built behind ladders anymore.
  6. Wild (could be domestic as well, haven't tried) Pincha Peppernut will not stack on the ground, there will always only be 1 Peppernut there. Additionally, Peppernut is not being swept by Duplicants- neither Refrigerators, nor Conveyor Loaders with enabled Manual Use work, regardless of sweep errands or just storage errands. The only thing that seems to work is for them to deliver it to an Espresso Machine (I haven't tried the Gas Range). Update: After some more fiddling around, the bug only affects peppernuts accumulating by not harvesting the plant. If a duplicant harvests the peppernut, it will appear as a second nut below the plant, and will be swept.
  7. Ever since the last update the crashes have stopped, and that same savegame has been running for 100+ cycles without problems. Whatever the issue was seems to have been solved
  8. When digging through abyssalite in the Oil Biome, if reaching hot Abyssalite, Crude Oil will exchange heat with it and boil into Petroleum / Sour Gas, cooling down the Abyssalite to around 400-500 degrees. I haven't tested other liquids, it seems however to only do that if the transfer causes a state change for the liquid, i.e. it will stop exchanging heat with Petroleum around 500, but will do so again if Crude Oil comes into contact with the same tile.
  9. Autosweepers stop working

    Good idea, will do. It's such a sneaky little bug, because sometimes it's just a little nuisance affecting your food supply for a cycle, but in more critical systems things can go very wrong if it stays unnoticed for a few cycles. The Idyllic Spacerock Cycle 326.sav
  10. Autosweepers stop working

    Autosweepers sometimes just simply stop working. For example I am using a sweeper to fill up a fridge from my food storage, which is unreachable for duplicants. The only food currently cooked are frost buns, and there are about 40.000 kcal worth of it on the ground. The fridge is set to only keep frost buns. Every now and then, the sweeper will just stop to refill the fridge. It empties, and the duplicants cannot access any food. This happens to Autosweepers all over the place, seemingly at random. They will just stop doing anything. Reloading the game fixes the issue.
  11. The game will just hard crash back to Desktop, or freeze completely (Windows loading cursor, message "App does not respond"). It seems that this happens more frequently the further the game progresses or the more stuff there is going in, they come in a package really. I'm around cycle 195 with 7 duplicants and a bunch of stuff to do and the game crashes after roughly 2-4 cycles. I started to really notice it around cycle 100-ish, when the crashes started to get more frequent, about every 15-20 cycles. SimDLL_CRASH_preview_351082_20190711-22.46.35.dmp SimDLL_CRASH_preview_351503_20190711-23.42.34.dmp SimDLL_CRASH_preview_351082_20190711-22.25.51.dmp The Idyllic Spacerock Cycle 197.sav
  12. Mafic Rock not available for Insulated Liquid Pipes

    I just feel like it's inconsistent. We can use Mafic Rock for Insulated Tile and Insulated Gas Pipes, but not for Insulated Liquid Pipes. On many of the new maps it's really difficult to get Clay, because they have no slime biomes - thus to get any significant amount of Ceramics, you have to create pools of polluted water and use Deodorizers, which is quite weird. So, for those worlds especially, the Mafic Rock Insulated Pipes would be really helpful.
  13. Insulated Liquid Pipes currently cannot be built with Mafic Rock, as opposed to Insulated Gas Pipes and Insulated Tiles.
  14. [Game Update] - 347957

    Anyone else having spastic Dasha Saltvines after the update?