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4th bird minigame suggestion/predictions

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I’d like things like Tic-Tac-Toe, Connect 4, little puzzle pictures that are randomly jumbled up and you can slide one part at a time to unscramble might be fun too.

They can actually put the games various loading vignettes & the starting menu animations to good use.

because Currently the starting animations only last till next update then are gone forever.. and the loading frames... well if you got a Xbox Series X you RARELY even see them anymore because it loads too fast.

So yeah- allow purchased Vignettes or those animated start menus to be put to good use in a Trade inn game like: 



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1 hour ago, GrMcGillacactus said:

image.thumb.png.056d55e8a2c15d4688951e4a8fd89482.pngThis counts, right?! Please!

When you get it right, the game will post your high score of how many moves it took and time for me on the 9 piece one i got 29 seconds.

Klei really should add this to the game.. & let us choose which vignette we want to unscramble, if they want to give us Easy, Medium and Hard versions to choose I would love that too.

Reason why I suggested it- I remember getting these things at birthday parties and they’d keep me entertained for hours :lol:

But- Texas Hold Em & BlackJack would be fun too.. the only issue with that: Some states won’t allow gambling, like the Casino that’s in GTA Online.. for some areas of the world- They can’t even go in it due to their states laws so the Devs programmed it to not be accessible.

I doubt Klei wants to add straight up gambling to the game due to the above complications, but IF they can, I’d love both Texas Hold Em & Blackjack.

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