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Suggestion - Different planetoids should have different time cycles

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This has probably already been discussed, but different planetoids should have different day / night cycles. They should also be offset, even slower or faster (to the extent of a planetoid completely at night (no solar power options)).

Following this thought each planetoid should have its own schedule system to cater for the different time periods.

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Obligatory https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/forum/252-oxygen-not-included-spaced-out-suggestions-and-feedback/


Secondly, can you imagine the added workload this would cause, both to the player and the PC. 


And the developers too actually, since they'd have to figure out how things like schedules would work when a dupe switches asteroids. 

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I think different day/night cycles might be an interesting mechanic to play with.

It would, at its own, already affect bunch things:

  • Solar power availability
  • Early Bird/Night Owl traits
  • Plug Slug efficiency

Not to say it may be a foundation for new content, such as new critters/plants which behaviour is affected by day/night cycle, so different asteroids would differently qualify for them.

5 hours ago, KonfigSys said:

If you do not want to use extensively solar power, do not use it.

I don't think that wishing for special planetoids with full night cycle is the same as not willing to use solar power.

6 hours ago, Yunru said:

Secondly, can you imagine the added workload this would cause, both to the player and the PC.

I don't think that extra workload on PC would be too big. I believe it is quite simple to configure space light source to use planetoid-based cycles. Dupe-related effects may also be modified only when they change planetoid. AFAIK currently critters cannot be moved between planetoids at all, meaning that they can fetch local day/night cycle configuration once they spawn, and just live with it.

As for the players and schedule management, I think it would be nice to have local planetoid schedules anyway. The way schedule system may work is pretty simple:

There would be 2 categories of schedules: General schedules and Local schedules. Dupes would obey only one General Schedule and multiple Local schedules, with the only restriction is that those schedules belong to different planetoids. If dupe is on planetoid and isn't assigned to one of it's Local schedules, they obey their General schedule. If they have assigned Local schedule, it overrides the General one.

That way, you don't have to constantly switch schedules for dupes. You would only have to touch schedules when you print new dupes or add Local schedules for new planetoids.

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