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  1. AFAIK buildings already have noise parameters. Those parameters are just not used in the game. My theory is that noise pollution system was in the plans at some point of development, but later that idea was abandoned. Probably because decor system should already cover the case of placing cots near industrial machinery by decimating average decor value.
  2. I think that kind of problem could be solved by tying cache validity to room changes. The game already keeps tracks on rooms and enclosed spaces. If you add or remove tile inside the room, the game will detect it and run all kind of checks on that room. Determining navigation maps for different types of critter movement could be added to the list of those calculations.
  3. First of all, refilling critter feeders is recently changed to be a Ranching errand, so filling feeders is maximum priority for your ranchers as it should be. I suspect that the reason ranchers continiously bring 0 polluted dirt to feeders is that polluted dirt is actually slowly offgasing, constantly losing mass. As they lose only milligrams of mass, the feeders still stop count as being full, and create a high-priority errands for their refill. To stop offgasing you need to keep the gass pressure in the room with feeder above 2kg. It should be possible to achieve by sealing off the room with liquid airlock, removing all gases from the room and pumping single gas through High Pressure Gas Vent.
  4. While it may look inconsistent, Construction skills aren't required to build anything. They provide Construction attribute bonus, but thats it. Advanced builders should actually master Mechatronics Engineering to be able to build everything. That being said, I agree that current descriptions of Steam Turbine does not clearly enough indicate that Electrical Engineering is required to build it. The description in the building menu does mention Electrical Engineering in the "Requirements" section, but it does not specify that this is a requirement for building it rather that for operating it. I think it could use some clarification. And may be highlighted with bold script. We may also use some kind of specific notification that would indicate the situation when dupes with high priority for errand cannot complete it because they lack skills, and dupes with necessary skills have low priority or not allowed to perform an errand. Currently the only explicit notification is "Colony lacks skill" icon, but it doesn't work when there is dupe with required skill, even if that dupe cannot reach the errand or not allowed to complete it. Edit: Fixing formating and typos
  5. One of the possible solutions is to make boss guard an entire layer of the asteroid, so it would be impossible to build around it. Imagine surface biome being separated by the real subsurface ocean - a vast space filled with overpressured salt water, so draining it or heating up would be really difficult and time consuming. And there is a giant fish roaming in that ocean, attacking dupes and everything they try to build. So if you want to reach surface you have to somehow deal with that fish. The problem is in the mechanics to deal with such things. Currently combat mechanics are oversimplified, because they aren't meant to be a major part of the game. The mechanics for indirect boss combat (like eluminating it's food source or makling it's habitat unlivable for it) doesn't seem like something you would want from the boss fight. Creating giant combating system that would fit the game is quite a task.