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  1. The whole research process would benefit from a rework. Right now, it is just a task you do, and then you are done with it.
  2. Mind Over Magic looks intriguing. It gives me the Fallout Shelter vibe.
  3. I never felt the need even to use the lead suit. I would like to see a new smart storage bin so that we can determine how much from each resource we need. For example, it will send a green signal only if we have 2kgs of steel, 4kgs of iron, and 3kgs of plastic. Now we need one storage bin for each resource. I agree. And it should be pretty easy to implement. I don't mind if some of them need long-term recovery in the hospital before we can use them. I like the idea of enemies because it adds more life to other planetoids, and we will have some events in the game. There are ways to implement it without it becoming stale. Right now, there is not much to explore and no risk to exploring the other planetoids. Imagine if we need to build anticraft systems for some of our planetoids. The goal would be to release the frozen dupes form every planetoids. I know every one of them is dark, but I am looking to see the impact on the game play.
  4. Spaced out is fun, and it provides much more value than the price. Anything that comes after this compares the game with its potential. Now that it is out of the way, let's just briefly review the DLC: Space is a fantastic addition to the base game. It creates so much potential for further developments and adds depth to Oni's world. Designing spaceships for the first few times is fun, but it is a chore to copy everything after finding our optimal design. There is a need to micromanage too many small things for every space travel. Generally, we need steel, plastic, glass, food, exo-suits, metal, oxygen, temperature control inside the rocket, fuels, etc. There is not enough interesting stuff to encourage exploring the space. Go there, pick up the Reed fiber... and you are done. Seed mutations are not working in the current state. We need to track seeds one by one for a bit of gain. Radiation is a nice touch, but a nuclear research reactor is an aquatuner /steam turbine system in disguise. What is missing: A sense of tension and danger. The world is a bit boring. After the first successful gameplay, there is not much value in repeating the game. When there is no risk to exploring, there is not much sense of pride and accomplishment (EA 2017). Minecraft is a great example. Every year they add a new hostile mob. Just look at their new mob (Warden). It is scary, adding more life and depth to the game. Just imagine the Minecraft world without any of its mobs and the night cycle. That's how Oni's world feels. That's one of the reasons the player base generally prefers the early games. There is a risk of dying due to a lack of oxygen or food. There is a goal and a purpose to survive. The great thing about the Spaced out DLC is that it creates so many possibilities for different extension routes. Here are a few suggestions: A planetoid with zombie dupes Playing with light. A planetoid that everywhere is dark by default, and we need to use a source of light every few steps. A combination of the first two that zombie dupes are afraid of the light. A mode where the only way to get a new dupe is to find and unfreeze them. That creates a new challenge to use all different types of dupes. Space stations and energy sinks to encourage us to generate more power. Currently, solar energy and a natural gas geyser are more than enough for most cases. Just imagine space fights with new rockets. (Btw I wish there was an Oni spaceship figurine that we could buy.) We can have a planetoid that is full of deadly viruses. Super large rockets for long space flights. Imagine to reach this far away planetoid, we need to build a few space stations between our home planetoid and our destination planetoid. Give us a goal. Imagine the lore was to release dupes from different planetoids, they are frozen, and we go and release them. Finally, a reason to visit other planetoids other than to get the Reedfiber. Kid dupes, more relationships and interactions between them. Oni is in this niche spot, a simulation game, but every dupe has unique characteristics. These are a few suggestions that I thought they worth sharing with the community. Oni is one of my favorite games of all time, and I hope we see many more DLCs for it.
  5. This was a fun ride, fellow public test, early access friends! See you guys here for the next DLC! Congratulations to KLEI for the great DLC.
  6. Since there is no fix for the artifact loss bug yet and I can't continue playing the game, I have time to answer your question. The main reason was that the solo spacefarer nose cone was useless, and they are trying to make them valuable. There was not enough space for fitting a lavatory and cot. As a result, every space travel had a pee incident. Also, maybe because the cot and the outhouse designs were not properly matched for the modern rocket interiors.
  7. Is there any hotfix coming for artifact loss bug after landing the rocket? Am I the only one with this bug. Is there any way to respawn the artifacts in the game? Like always thank you for regular updates.
  8. Collected artifacts will disappear during the landing. I tried landing with two different artifacts and the results were the same. KlEi.sav
  9. Anyone has more information about this? I want to check if it is worth it to restart the game.
  10. It is not fixed yet... Tip: If you build the heavy Watt wire first, you will face no problem.
  11. This is a great addition in the right direction! The Oni's community was discussing the comets for the past few days, and here they are. Thank you for the regular updates!
  12. I hope developers provide us with their Oni design philosophy. Do they think the same? The name is survival but with few tricks you are good to go. Most of the Oni players enjoy the early game (based on a recent reddit poll). I think one of the reason is that there are more challenges in the early game. The objective is to survive. But after that we have unlimited energy, water, food, with no objective.
  13. Please also give us a reason to use the plant mutations. The same goes for nuclear power. Currently, we can play the game only using solar energy, cheap and clean. So much power, so little use. Space exploration also needs more reward and currently is lifeless. Even a mini-game like the one in Mass Effect space exploration can add much-needed life to space (see pic 1). Ah, and I hope one day we will see other intelligent life forms in space. Fighter rockets would also be awesome, something like FTL (see pic 2). Like always, thank you for regular updates! Pic 1: You could have won rare materials by chance in Mass Effect 2 if you explored the space Pic 2: Faster than light (FTL), with more than 45000 reviews, has excellent ideas for Oni's future expansion to include other alien races.