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  1. I am not sure if this one is fixed yet: You could drop stuff or put it in the storage bins in your spaceship and then transfer an infinite amount of them from one planetoid to another. Btw, I think space exploration needs more rewards and lacks new contents: Currently, there is no need to have permanent flights between planetoids. One way to add more rewards for space exploration would be to add some sort of chance game to get rare materials from the space exploration. I also hope KLEI adds more critters to the game, they add much life to the game! Here are the other things that would be nice to have: 1. More skins and customization for dupes! I know Klei is super good at this one from Don't Starve series, but I am not sure why they don't do it here. 2. Bringing back diseases. 3. Hats are useless. 4. New critters. 5. Optional: (option to be able to disable new printing pods) Wishful thinking: Finally, I think the game should encourage players to make the life easier for dupes. One natural way would be that happier dupes become more creative and can create some masterpieces or even new stuff.
  2. :>>>>> I did not. From everything I wrote, that line was the the one that you quoted. Anyway, the gender politics example was to show the adverse effects of "vocal minorities" on gaming industry. I said "trend". I am not sure why you changed my tone and word. I brought many examples to show you the -----> trend. Note: I won't continue this discussion, since it is out of scope of this post.
  3. Note: this is out of scope of this post. Note2: You may need to work on the way you articulate your opinions. When you use the word "absurd", you close the door for any further conversation. Anyway: Is it really "absurd"? First of all, I did not say that all games are becoming like that. It is a slow trend which is especially true for the games that produce here in the North America. Look at the recent popular games: Among us, and Fall Guys. Do you see a pattern there? It may be an artistic choice, but isn't it a lot easier to avoid the controversies if our characters have either no gender, or they be "gender fluid". Like what? The last of us part 2, or Mass Effect Andromeda. If there be any hints of traditional gender based roles, game developers need to answer to an army of online twitter critiques. They will review bomb the game, email the potential buyers, try to remove them from the world. For the game awards here in NA, there are many rules about gender related stuff. If they are not "inclusive" enough, they are not allowed to win any awards. look, they are trying to kill the Harry Potter game before it even releases, because of one comment for the J K Rowling. Poor developers. There are many related events/controversies for you to check: Mortal Kombat, Battlefield 5, ... When I am thinking about Oni, I am always thinking why we can't have child dupes. Protecting them, can be another great goal in the game! But either as an artistic choice ,or because developers are trying to avoid any controversies, there is no option for that (I know about the Oni lore).
  4. It is not limited to this game or the gaming industry. Here you see a person spam their comments (which they believe is correct) in EVERY post. Something like, "There is this item in the game, and only because of that one thing, this game is ruined , and it is 0/10". Somewhere else you see: The KLEI joined Tencent, "let's review bomb the steam, and literally ruin jobs and lives". Outside of the gaming industry, Look at the "cancel culture"; they are always looking for their next pray. So many lives destroyed by vocal minorities. Just by a tweet a person lost their life without any evidence... I am not sure about that. There are many cases that the game company changed their directions just because of a vocal minority. Games are become more and more bland these days. Just look at the player characters in the new games, all of them are genderless. Because game developers are afraid of these dangerous mobs.
  5. This is a great update! Giant starting asteroid and increasing the max module limits are coming directly from the ONI's community! Keep up the great work!
  6. The issue with lower module count is that they need lots of micro management. The animation is super cool btw. That is great. There are some small but annoying features in the game. Such as: Max module limitations are too low. Or how we can build a steel rocket without any steel and ... We all know who asked for this Thank you for the update!
  7. It does not make sense to generate more power and produce more pollution when there is no need for it. I know there are a group of Oni players that enjoy creating different contraptions for no particular reason. It is like playing Minecraft in creative mode or any other sandbox mode for similar games. Not my thing though. Whenever I try to present the game to my friends, they are asking what is the goal of the game? and right now, we do not have any answer for that. In the early game it is survival but after that there is no end game objective.
  8. Since the solar power solution is dominant (free, and no thermal pollution) in comparison to the other power generation methods (natural gas, coal, and petroleum generators), I do not need to use any of them. In every planetoid, you build a few solar panels and then you are good to go. Meteor showers may can help with this issue. So many great ideas. I agree with all of them. I hope a developer can see this.
  9. Yes. I always try to dig as little as possible and save the wildlife in different biomes. That would be nice to see a new critter in the ice biome that may help us with heat management in these hot planetoids. Our only answers, for now, are steam turbines and Wheezeworts. I think they already have a plan for this. I saw a data mining post about it. Not sure though. In the DLC pacus are super easy to farm using seeds. Most of my food after the mid-game were the cooked fishes. Maybe they need to nerf it a little bit. In the current version, the optimal number for dupes is 10 ± 2. Six dupes are more than enough for starting planetoids, so I guess players like you who prefer having many dupes won't enjoy the DLC as much.
  10. I played the DLC up to the last world gen update. I really enjoyed it so far. Was it perfect? No. But I already got much more value than what I paid for. The DLC is a great foundation and opens a door for many more expansions and improvements. Space exploration is an excellent addition to the game. It needs lots of polishing, and I agree that rocket systems are a bit grindy. Here are few suggestions: More energy sinks are needed. We have so much energy and no place to use them. In my playthrough, I didn't need any power other than the solar from the start. Adding more critters, trees, flowers, creepers . They are super fun and adding much more life to the game. Adding more skins and personalization for the dupes. I do not look at ONI like it is Factorio or a sim game. I do not look at dupes as robots and like to see them happy. The radiation systems were a request from a vocal group in ONI forums (not me tho). We may need to find a use for nuclear power. Bring the diseases back pls. The rocket interior and the fittings need a bit of attention. Adding one additional module to all rockets seems like an easy improvement. This one is personal: I like to see more mystery(even life) in the planetoids or even in space. Maybe we can build a space station to reach some distant planetoids. End game goals. The game is an open sandbox right now without any end-game goal. Wireless automation systems. Plug slug diet change. It is not feeling good to feed them metal or keeping them hungry. The last one is out of the DLC scope, and it is personal as well: I would have really enjoyed seeing an alien race in space. We could have soldier dupes (all dupes already have guns), and we could have some advanced rockets to attack the aliens. We also can have some advanced defense systems to defend the surface. Please feel free to share your list.
  11. That is a great trade-off. If a player prefers safer space travel, they should be able to add more modules with the cost of prolonging the travel time. It doesn't make sense to see dupes wetting their pants because we can't afford a lavatory in the solo spacefarer nosecone. After the last update, I would not surprise to see new live rockets asking for Morb sacrifices to operate .
  12. I am wondering if we have any use for the Scanner module when we already have the telescope (which is very efficient).
  13. Do you guys think if there is anyway to add the new planetoids and moonlets to my current game (save file) using the save file editor?