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  1. BLUF: Missing area total / number on dig tool. Situation: Loaded the game of a recent save and noticed the area number wasn't present. Have tried a new game etc and rolled back to live branch (which its working on). It appears this has dropped off on the testing build - sorry if this is already identified or intended etc.
  2. Game is currently frozen. 2nd time it has happened while selecting "choose a blueprint" (happened earlier, didn't record it). First time i thought it was because i alt-tabbed out of the game. This time it happened while playing.
  3. I've got a couple of unknown tiles near a geyser. I've tried digging around them but they still exist to be unknown. For reference, the only other unknown tiles in the area.
  4. Liquids (water and polluted) fall through tiles on load. I assumed this has already been reported but cant find any mention of it. Note i am also finding water in my polluted water (left). You can tell its there by the blue glow above the polluted water. Not sure where it is coming from. (Storage container has polluted ice, tap set to polluted water) I thought it was the airflow tile or a collision issue so i placed more tiles underneath to try and stop it.