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Unreachable/ Totally Reachable door

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2 hours ago, elementalsigil said:

I have dupes that will not use a bioscan door. Errands say unreachable. I use the move command to put them at the door yet they just leave even on top priority. Any suggestions? Yes I tell them to activate the door.

Dupes could be too busy, it could be the work-shift schedule or the door is not reachable ( for the pathfinding )...Screenshot(s) would be great :ghost::beguiled: Try to build one thousand ladders in front of the door and hit the activation button during work shift on priority 9 a few times, sometimes "the reachability" can be a bit awkward with the bioscan doors. I experienced this around 20 times, over lots of ONI release builds, due to path-finding and "undiscovered/hidden/not yet explored" map areas. @Ipsquiggle

Meet & Greet :congratulatory:


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So it was the only door. I'm guessing it was usable from the other side as I tunneled around to investigate and found it was an open chamber from the other side. I stopped caring about it and then when I came back it was open so they must have went through and opened it from the other side.

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