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Should Bat Houses become a thing in DST?

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The other day on stream I mentioned having bat houses to promote bats to go inside of a bat house (not a house similar to the pig house obviously) once they flock to it they would enter inside and produce guano as long as the bat house contained some sort of food in order to keep them at bay. (veggies , meat, etc)

Normally we struggle to worry when the caves are opened close by and a lot of people blame others who open the entrances so I was thinking this would be a great way to promote receiving guano and controlling the bats as well. 

Yes I know about bunny men houses near the cave entrance :) 

Any ideas? 

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Well... They technically already exist, they just arent moveable. 


I never struggled to get bat wings, guano or monster meat so not sure this structure is needed. 

Sounds to me like people just need a way to plug sinkholes. Antlion's cave-in boulders would probably be a good choice for a new mechanic that allows that.

If you absolutely want a distraction, and want a nearby cave entrance, BUT don't want the drops (for balance); perhaps the scarecrow can fill that niche. The scarecrow could aggro small mobs so long as the player never attacks said mobs. Then you can repair the scarecrow with grass when it becomes damaged. 

The scarecrow has some pretty triggering faces that even makes me want to smash its face in. Could even allow a nearby spider nest by distracting the spiders.  

Again, probably unnecessary...

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