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  2. The other day on stream I mentioned having bat houses to promote bats to go inside of a bat house (not a house similar to the pig house obviously) once they flock to it they would enter inside and produce guano as long as the bat house contained some sort of food in order to keep them at bay. (veggies , meat, etc) Normally we struggle to worry when the caves are opened close by and a lot of people blame others who open the entrances so I was thinking this would be a great way to promote receiving guano and controlling the bats as well. Yes I know about bunny men houses near the cave entrance Any ideas?
  3. I am so confused in the other thread you bashed my idea because it would help griefers more than players but here it seems as if you are mentioning griefers are not that big of an issue? Which is it?
  4. This mod is exactly what I would love to see in the Main game if possible I feel like it could really work well and make the public servers not be so riddled with issues. The trouble would be right now is that until griefers get taken care of a lot of people on the forums might shoot down and or never consider a possibly fine idea due to being afraid that griefers could also benefit from it. So here is hoping Klei takes some steps towards fixing that.
  5. I recently made a post about wanting a few things added to DST that I find could help players. However it seems like the post was overshadowed by the fact that players would be scared to have the feature in fear of greifers finding their base and destroying it at a faster rate. I personally never use public servers 1. Because of Griefers 2. Because I always enjoy playing with new players everyday especially while I am streaming, A few solutions at least from what I see could be as simple as Team or Ally settings where you must be an Ally in order to move or change a structure of another person on a public server and also have them viewable on the world as well (optional). Something as simple as this would remove the fear of someone running in and burning your base you just worked so hard on. For the people who are going to say well that ruins the fun of DST what about wild fires? I am sure Klei could come up with a way to allow anything game related to still cause fires. This would also come into contact with what if someone surrounded your base with Spider nests etc . So truthfully there are so many ways to grief and would require so many ways to counter griefing. I think this thread would be nice to voice a few opinions or ideas on how this could be avoided. Happy Monday
  6. I understand I am in no way saying I MUST HAVE THIS or anything I just enjoy posting some cool ideas I have even if they get shot down. I understand the fear of griefers but that is coming from my point of view who has never experienced heavy griefing in DST. I think coming from a public server point of view it would be a totally different approach to where the least way they can find you the better. But I think with everyone giving me the same reason why they do not enjoy this idea it all revolves around griefing there for I think that is the true problem here. What if Klei decides to add GPS built into DST imagine the outrage from the community if they are already working with griefers as it is. **** To the other posts I really think its nice for Klei to see posts like these because it helps them realize the problem they are having with griefers in their servers. But overall if we want the game to get better and have minor changes that could be great but also accidently help griefers does that mean we should never improve or allow things to get better? In that sense we are basically at the mercy of griefers. So overall I really do think the biggest thing we are overlooking here is how many people play DST while always looking over their shoulder and it makes me wonder if Klei needs to address an issue behind this. Wether it be anti griefing protection until you ally with someone in your world or just anti griefing protection mods on their servers.
  7. If we all think about it we had it super easy with how fast wickerbottom could grow 500 million crops of wormwoods. Klei turned around and said okay hold on a second here lets prevent this its too over powered. They also then made it so you needed to do a bit of work in order for seeds and farming to payout. I think if we are going down this road for making Don't Starve Together a bit harder instead of allowing for endless food supply we will eventually see certain numbers changing for our recipes. I do understand that meatballs are not the main problem here it was just an idea I had obviously it was overshadowed by people thinking that I have no idea how to make or manage other recipes. The truth is I never saw any reason to care about them that was why I suggested season recipes in order for a balance and promotion of trying different foods throughout the years. It would make you do new recipes and hopefully avoid your simple recipes for example me mass eating meatballs. Not that we need a restriction on this but I really do think it would make you experiment more and brand out on your cookbook more. Like I said though I do understand why my idea was wrong just still think it has a bit of possibility to it.
  8. Yeah last time I tried I only had that mod on and it crashed after about 30 minutes lol and then again a few minutes later so I just let it be for a few months. Fun mod though.
  9. If you truly think about your reasoning behind this it could counter prevent griefers for example. You are worried griefers are going to find you in the caves but you never know if someone is going to come and ransack your base while you are in the overworld now you would know if the caves are clear of people in order to go back down. So it is actually a reverse of your excuse it could help griefers. If anything it could do just the opposite. I really think that the in this sort of change would only impact just griefers I really cannot buy that I am sorry. I really just do not see it what so ever. Overall this has just made me feel bad for all the people who join the public servers only to watch their entire base destroyed. It makes me want to host a public server and have an antigriefing mod on there so anyone can join and have a peaceful playthrough.
  10. Will not be able to until next week the previous drop that you missed out most likely will be available at the Klei Point store soon enough though.