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  1. I am finding myself a bit bored of Megabasing in Don't Starve Together. I am looking for new fun and exciting ways to enjoy the game. I currently have been doing a lot of 0 death runs and boss rushing. I am sort of looking for ideas without mods because I know there a ton of great mods out there to choose from but sort of looking to enjoy more gameplay. I hope for the future Klei comes up with a simple solution to make the game harder over time or bring some sort of Dungeons aspect to the game where in your down time from keeping the base nice and tidy you can venture into a labyrinth similar to in Hamlet. Let me know your ways you enjoy the game.
  2. Yep! Perhaps the dungeons from Hamlet would also be a great addition.
  3. That is true I think overall it would be nice to see some sort of higher difficulty overtime be added. I tend to lose interest in long drawn out worlds above 200 + Days unless I am trying to build a masterpiece.
  4. What do you guys think of a difficulty meter by this I mean in the options you would set it to easy,medium,hard, insane etc. Once 1 year passed in the game resources would disease faster, food would rot quick and mobs would get harder. This would then bring a whole new meaning to DST and let us compete against each other to see how long we can survive.
  5. I would like to see some sort of big game changer, example new weather, seasons/mobs/bosses get more difficult after each year. Preventing long stale runs (optional of course)
  6. It seems so sad face. I have went with one last result emailing Klei directly. Now we wait.....
  7. Sorry about the auto correct haha yes I meant Plushies*. I have been refreshing the Klei Store since 2018. More buttons would be awesome.
  8. I love this idea we have talked about this many times. All forms of "enraged bosses" should have some sort of rewards for example killing Dragon Fly while enraged drops extra scales or blueprints, killing misery toadstool could prevent frog rain or rain itself for next spring. But yes I totally agree that killing bosses while enraged or angered should have a better drop rate. Even if they offered a totally new item that dropped during this fight it would promote harder battles which we really need.
  9. Hello, Does anyone know the last time Klei had the White Webber Plushies in the store? I have the Black one however both have been out of stock for a while now. Was just curious if anyone knew the last time they re-stocked these. I got my Black webber plush from a third party website when I first streamed DST it is not "legit" so I would love to have both colors from the official store. Thanks to any replies
  10. 4K Science Machine don't mind if I do.
  11. Here are my ideas copied from the suggestions part of the forums. I hope you all enjoy them and can maybe give a bit of your own ideas in here. Let players move items closer together for example crockpots,flingos etc as of right now items need to sometimes be super far away from each other in order to be placed down. The ability to disable Lightning for some players who suffer from health issues this heavy flashing can cause serious issues this should allow for a disable button in the menu. Disable WX Overcharge noise, Sanity Noise. I have completely disabled all ambient noise due to the constant sound. Allow for Wurt to be 100% Immune to Rain. Allow players to Ping / Share the map with other players without the use of mods. This is more of an idea but I really really think its an awesome idea. The idea would be something called a "Cookbook". It would be on a mantle next to the kitchen or where ever you would place it in your base. The idea would be every time you finish a recipe or cook a new meal it would add the recipe to the cookbook. It would act similar to the science tab where it would offer sanity in return for cooking a complete recipe. The recipe would then be stored in the cookbook for later uses similar to the gorge cookbook. This would give new players joining a server a guide on what ingredients to use while making stuff and encourage others to make new recipes to gain sanity. Give the option to prevent the do you want to enable these mods when launching DST. Allow for the server to be changed from Survival , Endless , Wilderness mode after the server has been launched. Give a few bosses some more benefits for killing them example killing the toadstool prevents rain for the rest of spring. Add the ability to minimize the map to a smaller map so when pressing m you are not completely blinded by the entire map itself. Improve the use of chester perhaps give him for ability. Maybe allow for him to be transformed without needing a full moon. Make a mod preset so when you choose a new world you are not forced to re enable all your favourite mods every single time. Add the Forge/Gorge option to add to the regular game upon killing the fuel weaver while the port is open give the options to the players who are around it to enter into a match of the forge/gorge it would offer a cool incentive for defeating the final boss. These are my communities top ideas. I hope you enjoy them.
  13. I think the Gnarwail is going to be the new water beefalo that you can ride just saying.....