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  1. @JoeW Hey Joe did you want to pin this post and remove the flingo one? Just an idea before this goes down the list on the forums. Amazing skin btw cannot wait to see the rest!
  2. First off I want to say thank you very much Klei for being amazing these new changes to the drop system is A++++ not to mention the new updates for Winona finally making me want to main her. This is just an idea and I have no idea if it is a dumb idea or would make no sense but here it goes. So a big thing for us is after we defeat the Fuel Weaver our main goal is to reset the ruins. However what if we had something that got added to that. For example I might be wrong but I think what I gathered was that this year the Forge and Gorge were no longer going to be a priority which I totally agree with. I would rather see new content then mini events be re-worked but at the same time these are really fun events. One thing I believe would be very interesting is when the Fuel Weaver is defeated you would have a group choice the count down timer would go and you would have 3 minutes I think is the timer before the blast that resets the ruins goes off. To choose as a group to do the Gorge event or the Forge event. You would only have one chance to do this and upon failing the event you would be pushed back into the Atrium where you were previously. I think this would be amazing, it would bring all the events into DST and give those players the opportunity who never experienced it to continue to play it. Now I understand that the mods are out there for these but I feel that these being part of the game would be great. I understand lore and other issues but once again it is just an idea. I also believe it would be a great way to encourage those to want to keep killing the Fuel Weaver to get a chance at the Forge or Gorge. Now I understand "Why do this when we can just play a mod and play it over and over without killing anything?". Well good question I believe that upon doing this once per day a total of 7 times a week you could be awarded any gift upon completing said event. I really like this idea because as someone who always returns to DST I know the new content is coming out and I have no idea where it is going to put us but for those who are worried about the Gorge and Forge returning I think this would help to keep everyone happy. Once again just an idea not saying it has to happen but I think it would be amazing if it did. Thanks again so much Klei for all that you do!
  3. Klei shop Merch. question

    Hey Warlock I have heard a bit of news from Joe popping into streams and such he has mentioned they are working on adding more to the Klei store coming soon. Not really sure exactly when yet but if I had to guess after these big updates roll out I am sure they are busy right now putting a lot of time and effort into the updates. But yes I have asked the same question as you and Joe has said they are going to try to add more when they can.