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  1. First off I want to say thank you very much Klei for being amazing these new changes to the drop system is A++++ not to mention the new updates for Winona finally making me want to main her. This is just an idea and I have no idea if it is a dumb idea or would make no sense but here it goes. So a big thing for us is after we defeat the Fuel Weaver our main goal is to reset the ruins. However what if we had something that got added to that. For example I might be wrong but I think what I gathered was that this year the Forge and Gorge were no longer going to be a priority which I totally agree with. I would rather see new content then mini events be re-worked but at the same time these are really fun events. One thing I believe would be very interesting is when the Fuel Weaver is defeated you would have a group choice the count down timer would go and you would have 3 minutes I think is the timer before the blast that resets the ruins goes off. To choose as a group to do the Gorge event or the Forge event. You would only have one chance to do this and upon failing the event you would be pushed back into the Atrium where you were previously. I think this would be amazing, it would bring all the events into DST and give those players the opportunity who never experienced it to continue to play it. Now I understand that the mods are out there for these but I feel that these being part of the game would be great. I understand lore and other issues but once again it is just an idea. I also believe it would be a great way to encourage those to want to keep killing the Fuel Weaver to get a chance at the Forge or Gorge. Now I understand "Why do this when we can just play a mod and play it over and over without killing anything?". Well good question I believe that upon doing this once per day a total of 7 times a week you could be awarded any gift upon completing said event. I really like this idea because as someone who always returns to DST I know the new content is coming out and I have no idea where it is going to put us but for those who are worried about the Gorge and Forge returning I think this would help to keep everyone happy. Once again just an idea not saying it has to happen but I think it would be amazing if it did. Thanks again so much Klei for all that you do!
  2. Klei shop Merch. question

    Hey Warlock I have heard a bit of news from Joe popping into streams and such he has mentioned they are working on adding more to the Klei store coming soon. Not really sure exactly when yet but if I had to guess after these big updates roll out I am sure they are busy right now putting a lot of time and effort into the updates. But yes I have asked the same question as you and Joe has said they are going to try to add more when they can.
  3. I just wanted to post this to say thank you to Railgunner for making me my very own DST character. He put so much detail into the character and it looks exactly like me so much talent. I just wanted to share it to see what everyone thinks of it, be sure to leave a comment on it if you think its as cool as I do. Thanks again Railgunner.
  4. At first when drops got enabled there was a huge surge in AFK streams and they all dissipated shortly after. They realized they would be banned from twitch and or DST for doing so. It seems now there is maybe a handful left but the problem is now is that they are actively leaving the streams up 24/7 which means endless drops and never losing those viewers. At first I thought this was a violation of twitch's TOS but as it turns out you are able to stream 24/7. However I hope that maybe Klei can shine some new light on it and if they are being warned about what they are doing then maybe they will realize it is taking away from those who are actually putting time and effort into their streams instead of cheating the system. I understand that people say if people want to watch a stream they will go to a stream with content, if they want to watch a stream for the drops they do not care which stream they go to. The problem with that statement is that if you are new to twitch and you go to a channel and you see AFK stream get your items here for watching you might assume that "This is what twitch is about" get your skin and leave. I feel like this might hurt the chances of those new viewers who could of found an actual stream that they would of loved. I am speaking for myself and for other streamers who are working to build their channel and get recognition for it. Overall this drop system is amazing aside from the AFK streams and the endless 24/7 streams Klei has done so much for their community and its sad that certain people feel the need to take advantage of it. However I hope that soon they will either stop what they are doing or get banned for it because at some point action needs to be taken. Also Joe can we get a little sneak peek as to what is getting updated on DST
  5. Drops are currently not working!

    Thanks Joe Hope you and the rest of the Devs had a great holiday!
  6. About the upcoming update

    I would hope for just more content overall. I think focusing on changing current stuff might alter too many things however I am open to anything. DST is a great game I hope that whatever they choose to bring to the game just continues to extend the game play maybe something after the fuel weaver. One idea that I really liked was after killing the fuel weaver you had a choice to enter the gorge arena or the forge arena. Only once and if you died you fall back into the regular world forced to kill the fuel weaver again to get back to the arenas. I think this would make killing the fuel weaver especially with a group of 4. This might be a bit too out there but just thought it would be a cool idea. However I am sure whatever klei has in store for us is going to be epic they always amaze us with their ideas.
  7. Voted right when I could lets cross our fingers and hope Klei gets it!
  8. Drops are currently not working!

    Ivo I believe normal gift drops are fine for example the ones you get every few hours for playing DST. I am referring to streaming DST to have drops enabled on the stream for viewers to receive every 30 mins, 2 hours and 6 hours. Also sounds great Joe no problem just wanted to let the staff know.
  9. Thanks guys for all the support , ya I understand the battle for partnership I think it was just more or so misleading with the whole drop situation. However I am going to continue making great content in hopes that twitch sees me as a potential partner
  10. Hello I was just curious if anyone noticed that the drops are currently disabled. I had a few people come into my stream saying that it showed it was disabled it looks as if maybe they were only limited to 2018 and have to be re-enabled as of 2019. Was just hoping to hear back from klei about a solution. I know they are on vacation until tomorrow so just wanted to run it by you guys to make sure you knew of the issue. Thanks again for a great game and a great year
  11. Hello Joe, First off thanks for your reply, I really appreciate it and if only they did word it that way it would be a lot more clear. The problem still is not understanding that drop views are technically not part of your community yet. The problem is distinguishing those who are, twitch has a way of looking at Raids, Hosts etc because they show when it happens , however they have no way of finding out who is there for the drops or the content. Similar to having a party and you promote free drinks for those who show up. Someone then walks into the party and has to guess how many people are there for free drinks how can they tell? This hurts streamers who already had an established community because twitch has to make guesses based on what they see. I think in this case I would just like to see streamers like me and new streamers just understand more about how drops can play a part on how twitch views their channel. Regardless thank you for all your hard work Klei the drop system is amazing and in no way am I blaming that I am just saying Twitch needs to explain in more detail prior to enabling drops on streams. Have a great day
  12. I have been streaming DST for over 1 year now and have built a well known community since then I have been actively seeking Partnership on twitch. I am not one to make waves but when I received this reply from Twitch I was in shock and felt as if all my hard work has been for nothing. Klei I believe you need to look into this because this can affect others than just myself. My numbers were around 50+ Before the drop system came around and in my opinion it has been the best thing to ever come to DST it gets more viewers it encourages new people to spread the word and use twitch for the first time. But to see it affect my hard work in this way has been devastating I honestly have lost all motivation and do not know what to do. Twitch has a very slow response system when it comes to these email and they in no way specify that Drop "games" on twitch are the same as Raids, Hosts etc and I believe this needs to be viewed. Klei I love your company and would appreciate some feed back and maybe some help. Without further discussion here is the email reply from Twitch. Hi Travis, When evaluating your viewership, we found that a significant portion of your current viewership are there for drops, and that these viewers are not engaging with your channel in meaningful ways. Because drops provide an unfair advantage to streams who do not play games with drops, similar to hosts, raids, and embeds, they are not currently considered for Partnership, however you can focus on converting drops viewers to your followers and community members in order to grow your channel. Outside of drops viewership, we do see your channel growing and think you are getting closer, however we would not be able to grant you a Partnership at this time. Please continue broadcasting great content and expanding your audience before reapplying in 3-4 weeks. Best, Twitch Partnerships