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  1. I am happy so many people love this idea haha. Yeah something like this would be great. I for one am hoping for "Ambient" mainly because it would be nice to toggle between ambient music on and then normal soundtrack in case people do no want to hear the ambient music but I know for at least myself a lot of down time happens before fighting so it would be nice to have some sort of music that is not so "chiptune" would be nice. I think even copying the ONI soundtrack into DST would be something temporary while they find a way to make a similar soundtrack for DST. But I really like a proper soundtrack could really put this game on a whole new level. Minecraft IMO has one of the best soundtracks and while the music plays you tend to get lost with time because of how it is. Especially as you all know even Valheims music does the same. It is on loop but overall you never notice because its so low and in the background. Here is hoping
  2. Yes something similar to this but DST music style. I love the background style music for gameplay.
  3. As a content creator DMCA music is a huge problem so I always like to listen to my Spotify on my phone while having in game DST music. However sometimes the music in DST does not consistently play leaving dead silence sometimes. I would love to hear music similar to ONI soundtrack in DST or even the ability to have the DST soundtrack play consistently without stopping. ONI soundtrack is nice to listen to but it does not really belong with DST but if we had something similar we could transition from I would love to have that especially while making large bases in DST. Let me know your thoughts
  4. Unfortunately Twitch takes higher priorities first and by the time they get to them it is too late.
  5. As a streamer who got Twitch partner by the drops on this category I think Twitch partner exclusive would also be bad for the community. However I think we all know the drops got exploited very fast. As a person who is not able to stream for 8+ hours at a time, I found myself not able to compete anymore when new drops are on. I am honest when I say this I used to stream don't starve and only this until I no longer could handle nothing being done about the 24/7 drops. I am finally happy and hopeful that maybe something will be done about this. Drops should be fair to everyone not just those who can benefit themselves from it. It should be a community thing that klei offers to everyone and everyone has a chance to spread the love and support. I truly think in order to avoid future problems drops should be an apply basis not exclusive to twitch partners but once you apply klei would know you read the rules and understand breaking these rules results in a full ban from drops in the future. The category has lost some really good streamers because of this and if it gets shut down and re opens the same way we're basically not getting anywhere. In the end its up to klei what they want to do in a perfect world I believe in order for drops to work users should have a limit per streamer in order to share the love. What I mean by this is 2 hours in 3 streams or 1 hour in six different streams. It would get away from 24/7 streaming and promote every channel equally no more afking in a single stream for a drop. If all the streamers are about sharing support for each other the this should not be a problem. Small streamers should not have to hope to get raided in order to make it to the top of the category so people see them they should be give the opportunity. As someone who has come to feel indifferent with the drop system I think a bit of tweaking can go a long way. Before you say I hate this idea it would get my viewers out of my channel and to other streamers. This happens regardless if you are not streaming someone is most likely idling to get the drop hours in, and if someone truly loves your community they will return. Let's stop being like everywhere else on twitch where the top benefit and the people below pick up whatever scraps they can. Make a category that helps everyone. This is my opinion and I doubt it will happen but this is the best option I have seen. TLDR I agree no twitch partner exclusive, find a way to prevent abusing the system. Help small streamers by limited drop time per channel to an hour promoting every channel that streams in dst. Hope to see an improvement. I really miss this category a lot.
  6. Yeah I see that being the better thing right now it does make sense not changing the game too much but still adding a bit of easier ways for newer players.
  7. Wait I am confused I thought you were against this before....when I mentioned it....But anyways yes I am very happy the devs are doing something to help improve this awesome game.
  8. I will just leave this right here..... "AlsoWe’re taking additional steps to improve the quality of life for players throughout the regular updates as well. We have noticed some things that can be done to help a lot of players in different ways and we have a few changes we would like to try. From main menu changes to new world generation options, we’ve also been experimenting with ways to help new players to familiarize themselves with the game."
  9. Amazing job! Just need a bit more clarification can I start preparing Walani for the high seas......
  10. I think content scaling could be a good idea as well too. The only thing with that is if you have 3 people who are ready for a challenge they would not be able to have a challenge if scaling was a thing. I think overall it will be a while before Klei does anything drastic like this with their game. I have no idea their new plans for the next few updates but I would just love to see a lot of players who have been taking a break from DST to come back to it. I know at least for myself you see a huge influx of people playing DST when updates drop and then it quickly drops off after that so I think to really hold onto those players something would need to be added to keep them wanting more or feeling like they have unfinished business in the game itself. I have mentioned a sort of Endless Dungeon feel in DST but that idea quickly got shot down. However I truly think something similar to the Caves in Hamlet brought over to DST would thrive very well and open a whole new view on the World of DST. It would offer randomization and the feeling of what kind of creatures can we kill today or what kind of Treasure can we find in the caves today. Killing massive amounts of Hounds in a Dungeon and ending up in a room surrounded by wear pigs. Such cool possibilities. But yes this would all be too much for Klei right now to move onto when I am sure they have the next year planned out for DST.
  11. Sorry I probably did that completely wrong lol I think when you try to add more stuff it replies all to the same thing I am not sure. *not very forum savvy*
  12. I would love this! Varg's attacking you after a certain amount of time sounds awesome.