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Don't Maxwell and Wilson ever talk about philosophy?

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I believe that being two brilliant and antithetical minds, they should have a lively and intellectual exchange on reciprocal conceptions of the world and the universe, also and above all given the supernatural and metaphysical events of which they have been direct witnesses and, to some extent, protagonists and architects .
I think it would be stimulating if from their quotes it emerged that they had the opportunity to conceptually confront each other on the Constant, Them and all the rest.


(Pictured: Wilson and Maxwell peacefully discuss whether magic exists. Wilson, specifically, expresses his calm "skepticism".)

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They have really insightful conversations alright...

Wilson: "I saw you get thanos snapped! How are you still alive?!"

Maxwell: *shrugs*

Wilson: "well that answers all my questions, moving on."

As for everyone else, they really forgave Maxwell rather quickly. If the game was more realistic it would go something like this:


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