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Minibase: Any improvements you can suggest?

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So I've been running my minibase for some time, trying to automate everything possible and rig for long-term stability. Was wondering if the big brains™ here have any thoughts on what to do to automate more and to make it more resilient to breakages (it's fairly resilient already) 

This is what it looks like:



I've got a a short-range and a long-range rocket running out to pick up abyssalite to make more insulation and to provide steam for power.



The main layout of the base is broken up like this:


Power comes mostly from steam from the rockets, with automation to extract the maximum power using doors to block inputs, but with an override to extract maximum heat if the temps rise too high.

I rarely need the backup power system- it usually only kicks in from spikes when using the molecular forge after a rocket returns with abyssalite, and I never really need all the components of it. The Hydrogen generators only kick-in when my liquid Hydrogen storage is full.

I didn't include a FJ-style compact sour gas boiler because sour gas boilers scare me.

The food is just vole starvation ranching.

The Thimble Reed farm only uses overflow pwater and the Reed fibers are collected by a sweepy to make insulation.

The single bathroom (maximum anxiety!) works by having each dupe on a slightly different schedule. Very much a back-roads gas-station-level toilet.



The automation is a bit bonkers but breaks down to;

1- Control systems to maximise power from the rocket steam.

2- Control systems to launch rockets on a schedule that matches resource regeneration, and that opens the doors at the right time just before a rocket returns if the space scanner didn't detect the rocket first.

- This was rather complex automation as normal timers aren't reliable enough when running the game at full speed, so I had to use memory latches and counters and cycle counters.

3- A system to slow down O2 production when the lines back-up to prevent the system from dumping Hydrogen in the O2 lines and to slow down O2 production when the exhaust system is backing-up (if not excess O2 gets dumped into space to maximise Liquid Hydrogen production)




The liquid pipes are a bit of a mess, but it's mostly a (super coolant, because I could) cooling solution around the inner base and a water cycle around the outside:


The gas pipes are a little simpler with pipes to pick up any stray gasses that turn up in the rocket bays and pick up CO2 (and overflow o2) from the base and take it to the exhaust.


The rooms, temps and decor look like this:





I'd be very interested to see what suggestions there might be to make the base better!. Thanks.

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8 hours ago, Gurgel said:

This is pretty impressive. I am amazed it works at all.

I've loved the challenge of working in such a constrained space. Francis John did a video series based on the minibase add-on and it made me want to do the same- I would not have managed it had I not copied his compact liquid O2/H production facility and the way in which he used the magma at the bottom of the map to fill in power-requirements and free up additional space. Once through the mid-game it was all much more stable so I've devoted the end-game to trying to minimise the amount of action I have to take to keep the place alive.

My most recent issues were balancing the liquid O2 temps, as often it would boil and freeze at the same time, causing nasty over-pressure events (had to rebuild that several times with different materials to get it right), and managing damage from meteorites when rockets are landing. I also had to balance exhausting the CO2 against exhausting excess O2 (as I needed the extra Hydrogen for rockets).

Have included my save file here in case anyone's interested in seeing it in action.


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@ScreamingPict ...but but, has it got a dance hall :confused:


If we had some uranium powered disco ball, that would be perfect in your base - I would fit it :afro:


Also, I find your lovely base would be great for a preacher on a stand + gospel musicians. :x:ghost::x

“Ezekiel 25:17. The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children.” -Jules Winnfield



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@JRup Thats sweet like sugar, I hope Klei implements more chillout woodstock elements in to the game. Some have suggested Helium in the past, for funny dupe talks. It would be nice if we also had a 80s cocktail bar, where they serve "Piña Dolada" :biggrin-new::angel::beguiled:

Imagine a Piña Dolada cocktail bar in @ScreamingPict`s nice base :bee::bee::bee:



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