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"Refined Metals Usable As Raw Metals" by default

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I would mainly want this just because of Aquatuners. Getting Steel just for one is stupid, and even Gold Amalgam is risky (and not present in some Spaced Out starts, which is an issue), so being able to use Copper would enable some snazzy early-game designs.
Hell, I'd be fine with Aquatuners just being changed to require refined metal. It would certainly make more sense in terms of gameplay progression.

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I agree with the idea that refined metals should be useable as raw metals, at least for buildings. Maybe wiring, should always be which-ever metal it is. So, you can't go backwards on the power-wires, perhaps (but why would you want to?)

Also, I was thinking that we could get Bronze, to replace raw-copper, sort of. A material of it's own, mix copper with (in reality tin) something, shells maybe, or chlorine, or something, in real life I know Arsenic is used, as well as tin... Basically, filler with copper, make bronze, use it in place of raw copper.

But, I agree with the original poster. If something uses 100kg of Raw Copper, then we could be able to use 100kg of (refined) Copper to build it (except for wires / maybe pipes... do pipes use raw metals? [I forget right now])... buildings, like doors, floors, etc!

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