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  1. I am glad that there is going to be polish and that you now choose the step to migrate. It will make a lot of things easier. New Versions of Unity and Harmony will also have an impact. But i understand completly the Step to split the DLC from base Game. I saw how much has changed over Time there a lot of things that run diffrent. Just look at the rockets. I mean the new Plattform makes it way more comfortable to work with them. Something i despised in the Basegame that i needed to completly rebuild the rocket when switching the Engine. But PLEASE check for the issues we still have with them: - Rocket interiors lose sometimes the connection to the Rocket (Still do not know how to reproduce...) - Rockets also sometimes have Animation Issues and are shown on wrong tile in Space. - Rockets sometimes can't be clicked (Game needs then to be Reloaded) Also PLEASE take a look on the Performance: - Slow Game in Lategame (3 Asteroids in use) - Short Lag Spikes eventhough there still ressources for Processor and Ram all 2-3 Seconds (It is not clearly visible at first but it occures i noticed a weird pattern when the game seems to struggle very Hard) - Maybe switch Tasks for Radiation, Plumbing, Vents, Electricity, Thermal and Gas, each to a own thread in processor if possible. Or distribute the systems arround according to available cores. This could make up a drastic performance increase if this is possible and dooable. DxDiag of PC Dragon1.txt
  2. I wonder i never saw a main menue Duplicant except the one who tells when the new Update Drops? What is meant with it ^^
  3. First of all a big THANK YOU for targeting existing Safes with the new Features. I honestly was scared that i miss out on this and the next updates because i have a big Safe running. But you just destroyed that thought for this Update. I wish this would happen more often but this is not as simple i know. Espacially on already created Asteroids.
  4. I hope you get this fixed at somepoint ^^ Would be great.
  5. Yeah can support this in Lategame seems to happen when the rocket Animation does not corectly load. Same issue same error. Only thing with mod. Will submit Report next eventhough with mods.
  6. You are not seriouse right? Eh... right now the prices are bad also the sockets would not fit anymore. Honestly right now it is not the time for upgrades. I mean damn... you hear here and there that microchips are not able to be delivered anymore and that even car manufractures are shutting down production. Thanks Crypto Currency damn Energy hungry f...ers (Talking about diffrent crypto not people.) I still belive that considered that my hardware is a little older it should normaly keep up. I mean yes oni is math intensive. 4960X was the Extreme CPU at it's time... But i know the time will soon come i would even go as far to not consider Intel anymore and switch to AMD it's way more promissing right now...
  7. Another Solution would be to let the Vulcanos spit out ore instead of refined metal. Just throwing that in now. I often thought about it.
  8. I am on board with the Performance Issues. (I stream next to playing the game could have an impact) My Setup Geforce 1080Ti (I know Graphics aren't important) Intel 4960X 6x 3.6Ghz ~ 4Ghz 32GB of Ram Corsair LPX DDR 3 at 1866Mhz
  9. To be honest... Lead Volcano - okay. Cool Ethanol - Too OP Powerwise should stay as Mod Liquid Oxygen Geyser - Ruins Lategame Liquid Hydrogen Geyser at -255C, on the cold asteroid (may be) - Ruins Lategame Liquid Chlorine Geyser either at -100C or -50C, on the gassy moo asteroid - If max -50 an not much mass spit out. And only on Moo Moonlet Sour Gas Vent - Maybe Temperature Neutral 15°C as small coolant source That's my 2 cents to that idea.
  10. I see an issue with the Game right now. We cant recreate Ores. This can be as of right now be an issue if you change all your ores into metal. Not that this is controllable yes. But i think we could use 100kg metal and 100kg stones to recreate 100kg metal ore in the molecular forge as an solution. I mean Refined Metal is alread renewable and stone too via vulcanos. If you need to create ore for what purpose ever it should come with a little penalty. Also Ores are needed for Plug slugs right now there was another solution posted here about the Slugs: If needed it could even be a new building called ore creator if you want don't want to use the high end Mollecular Forge for it. This could be the non natural Equivalent to this topic. This would also solve the issue that you only can use steel for certain buildings when the ores are out. Since we as of yet can't use refined metals for ore buildings except via mod.
  11. Yeah honestly. With time the Ores will get depleted. Still waiting for it. Please Klei make it possible. Maybe this topic should be shared more with others.
  12. As of yet it looks like it is hardcoded what spawns on what. The Geyser Locations on the Asteroids only change with switching between map Types. At least i could not find diffrences yet. But i wouldn't be suprised if someone proves me wrong did not test well enough. (Please also Qoute a bit more of the Text this looks now a little misleading ^^ )
  13. I like the idea that the High End Base Game Items are comming back in another way. It's still a little bit out i think. I wonder will Graphite be regeneratable again via Geyser or Molecular Forge from Refined Coal. Also some Vulcanos and Geyers / Vents are still missing. I also think Performance can be again an issue. Right now i just can keep it up when i keep the grounds clear. Stored entities are less consuming then free ones. At least it feels like it since they are compacted and with high Masses thus less math operations. Also still wondering if Random Geysers are comming back and the Worldtraits too. I hope you guys have a plan for both ^^. I for myself wish for more options for the Molecular Forge and the Crafting bench as well as options to get Ores as a renewable. And a base game solution for refined metals in normal Machines like the Gas Pump or Water Pump. Cool would be also a new High End Material to jump way over the Overheat Temperature of Thermium to create Magma.
  14. I wonder. But that can only the devs tell me. Why is there a temp output fixed on 40°C. I mean it seems to be intended but i belive that that has to do with the dynamics in the real world. This would apply to thermal desalination. BUT... the Desalinator ingame looks like a Reverse Osmosis Desalinator. So i would count this as a bug. I would like to see it reengineered to something like adding BTUs (still would prefer Watt again sorry) instead of a fixed Temperature. And if it is thermal with an internal heat Exchanger. The colder The Input the colder the output. Through a way which adds to the cold Water whe Heat needed and remove the half of it again. (Example: At 100°C Evaporation and Input -10°C. Needed Heat is 110°C which is the Delta of both Values. 110°C * 50% = 65°C Output (Sorry i am a bit to tired to write the Formular for the Delta i don't know why something so simple does not come in my mind...)) I would like this definatly more. Still i can manipulate the system now to delete heat if i want to Just use 90° Heated Saltwater or Saltwater short before Evaporation point and create that with Aquatuners :P
  15. Well the issue is eventhough the Checklist is not complete the Dupelicant won't leave the Rocket. Also the Button [Auto] should have a little diffrent function in my opinion. This makes it impossible to automate them and you need to micromanage like hell. I will write a short line here and link to a suggestion when i have written it. The idea of the Auto button would be that the Rocket can be Automated. I would add two logic ports. One of them gives out a green signal (On) when the Checklist is complete. The other one Requests the crew to the Rocket. The second one can maybe be combined with the Launch Input Port. But i would keep them seperated since we need a launch signal which opens Gates. [LINK Pending]