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[Game Update] - 460420

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List of changes:

 - Wes stats raised back to 100/100/100

 - Wes can now float over water and cave chasms with his Speedy Balloon

 - Added a new Transport balloon

       - Transport balloon can be used to hold 1 item and follows you around

 - Gave Wes a Pantomimed Bicycle

       - The bicycle sadly has no wheels yet, to be implemented

 - Any and all projectiles will now change course towards Wes when he is around

 - Fixed Wes ghost strings

 - Reimplemented disease

 - Added a disease cure that can be crafted using thulecite shards, nitre and a booster shot

 - Beefalo taming reduced to 10 days

 - Added Pantomime Oar, Pan Flute and  skin

 - Removed Woodlegs

(happy late April Fool's!)


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3 hours ago, QuartzBeam said:


Damn, Klei actually managed to outdo yesterday's update!

I actually want this in the game for Wes, he can give balloon to non-Wes so they can do this too.. and since Enemies SHOULD walk through/Fly over water... it’s really only useful for Traversal function.

:( Maybe someday... 

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