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Ship bell and crow's nest for ship?

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Either crafting a big bell to act as a sort of a short distanced indicator incase of other ships are nearby to avoid collisions like a short ranged flare, or just to alert nearby sailors about something big coming soon, like malbatross and such as an early indicator for enemies approaching. 

Crow's next being simply very useful to see further than what your screen can see, maybe should be a Winona thing she could craft to add a spotlight to light up what's in front during night.

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I get the feeling that because the next set of twitch drops have a nautical theme that we may get new boat upgrades/structures somewhere in the next few updates. Considering I've seen so many crows nest/mast upgrade suggestions  and considering we recently got some new boat crafts (lightning rod and light upgrades) I'm pretty sure we will get something of this nature.

If it used a bird it would also be a great secondary use of live birds outside of eggs/food.

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