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best sour gas boiler ever

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It would be nice to replace ceil with metal tiles and put steam turbines on top, because natural gas temperature ~400.

Liquid pump could be constructed from anything, temperature is always below zero, 3 gas pumps for 2 aquatuners is enough, because 1 AT process around 1kg of oil per second (each liquid vent shows it work 11% of cycle, it mean, 1.1 kg per second, let's say 1 kg), so 2 kg of oil ~1.3 kg of natural gas. So, 2 not enough, 4 too much. Liquid methane should be dropped between AT and cool area, more close to cool area, because if you drop it too close to AT, or above it, AT will process less amount of oil. If you drop it too close to cool area it may stay in liquid state. Not sure about distance between AT, but you can't put them too close

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I'm aware of it. Just sitting, reading, translating, translating, translating, and then...boom, at the end of the article: the circuit is experimental, does not work stable...
Surely you, mathmanican, have a favorite circuit?

However, I already found something interesting.

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Long time ago I designed some type of crude oil=> natural gas boiler. I am not sure if it was validated during long run. I am not sure if it is still working.
Here is spoiler:

And if You are interested in design I would recommend You to check my save from this post:

Oh, yeah. This particular design is bugged but You can lift liquid vents to prevent water from disappearing.

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Of course it is pretty nice to have two separate chambers for sour gas and natural gas. It is pretty good idea to boil oil with magma. But I like my design because it is pretty easy to maintain, I can put viscogel airlock on top, and I can rebuild it as I want, I can control amount of gas production with horizontal scaling (literally). Also I like it have simplest pipes and automation schema. And if you think that large size is cons - it is mistake, because it is still usable. You can build refineries, kitchen, batteries hydrogen generators(don't know why) and so on. Think it even possible to put coats and toilets inside(did water in toilet interact with environment?).

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18 hours ago, DimaB77 said:

a favorite

There are so many different builds. Your question was impossible to answer other than to show you how to use "site:forums.kleientertainment.com" in a search string (as the forums search engine is terrible). Then swap to the reddit search string, or head to discord (the three main sites in English).  Is there a German fan site up yet?

What else do you want from your boiler? There are loads of examples that achieve each of the following. 

  • Compact?
  • Processing rate? 1kg/s? 10kg/s 90kg/s? 250kg/s? Variable (can start/stop with any amount < 250kg/s)?
  • No space materials or use lots of Thermium?
  • Large heat exchanger (conserve magma) or heat hog (process magma fast)
  • Power hungry or power efficient?
  • Written tutorial or video tutorial or both?
  • Made post Summer 2020 (when heat deletion bug was fixed), or whenever (may need patching). 

Each thing you specify above will narrow your search window to help you find several decent builds.  Here's a fun one from @OxCD.

One problem with older builds is that some relied on a heat deletion bug that was fixed last summer (thanks to @TripleM999's dedicated work). These builds can generally be patched once you realize where the extra heat needs deleting, and pop a steam turbine in the correct spot. 

So, you wanted to know if there are any good sour gas boilers.  The answer is YES.  There are loads of them. They each have their own pros and cons.  The fun is building one yourself and seeing it in action (and then waiting for the next major bug fix to break it, despite having tried hard to not use bugs).  

2 hours ago, degr said:

if you think that large size is cons - it is mistake, because it is still usable.

So this is a "Sour Gas Boiler Sauna." I like it.  You absolutely are not going for minimal space, but you may achieve it when you utilize all the space inside for other things.  Thumbs up.  

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4 hours ago, mathmanican said:

Here's a fun one from

Oh yes, it's a funny thing, very funny even :shock:

My priority is as simple options as possible, not to the detriment of functionality. Only such schemes someone will want to repeat. I already have such a variant ready.

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Thanks for the link, I had not come across this video before. It's funny, but we came up with the same cooling temperature, 555C.
The principle of our circuits is different, he is pumping liquid methane, I have it beamed to the pumps. He has AT of thermium, I have magma, he has slightly less gas output, 670gr vs 1000gr, which is not crucial.

But overall, he has a pretty clear and compact circuit. Thoughtful, correct approach.

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I honestly mention the author of the miraculous discovery: "The principle of displacing (teleporting) the liquid upwards, through several tiles, has been described by the user kbn"

In a discussion on reddit, user Kharnath_DK claims to have been the first to make this discovery. He gives a scheme to which there are many questions, and evades answering (so far). I don't even know what the discoverer was.

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