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Ancient Stone Wall skin

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8 minutes ago, Gods fiddler said:

The only way to get it was by entering the hallowed nights event, maybe they will put it in the klei rewards


3 minutes ago, MikoFanboy said:

I thought it's for beta tester/ player who plays during Forgotten Knowledge beta? :v

It was a present for all players in the forgotten knowledge update

20 minutes ago, allmeitysk said:

Can I somehow obtain this skin? I started just recently and I would love to have access also to older content to enhance my experience in building. thanks 



Maybe klei in a future will include it in the reward page or will repeat the gift 

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6 hours ago, Mike23Ua said:

Pretty sure this will end up on Klei rewards page- I used to use this skin.. but the newest set of walls made this one obsolete to me :wilson_love: Moss Covered Walls for the win!

they're more pillars than walls though

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